Screenshot of Hoplite
Screenshot of Hoplite
Screenshot of Hoplite


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Hoplite is a turn-based strategy game focusing on tactical movement around small maps.

Challenging gameplay
Hoplite aims to make you think before you act. Every move counts!
Make strategical choices to upgrade your abilities.
Procedurally generated levels give a new experience every play.
Leaderboard and achievements through Google Play (optional)

A one time purchase, granting additional features.
Venture deeper, earn achievements, unlock additional choices and access challenge mode.

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What the Chess update patch should look like
5.7K Views 07/27/2022
One of the best time-killing awesome games ever
5.6K Views 07/26/2022
Hoplite review #TapTapExplorerS1
5.5K Views 07/27/2022
Sam Hawk
It like chess. But a lot less complex and have addictive tactical strategy! (Hoplite full review)
3.3K Views 07/27/2022
#TapTapexplorers1 phase2 Are bad reviews allowed?
375 Views 07/26/2022
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
[Phase 2 Ended] Your Chance to Win Gift Card 🎁 TapTap Explorer Campaign Season 1 Entering Phase 2
55K Views 07/26/2022
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
[Winner Announcement] TapTap Explorer Campaign Season 1
55K Views 07/29/2022
A roguelike dungeon crawler
280 Views 07/27/2022
Chelsea Hawkins
12 Views 07/28/2022
game was confusing and hard to figure out at first but once figured out it was monotonous and boring. Gane also seemed to be out dated. Nobody plays a game with graphics and game controls from the 1990s.
Hoplite Review #TapTapExplorerS1
26 Views 07/28/2022
Hoplite is a retro style rouguelike dungeon crawler RPG where you as a brave knight has  to descend in to the chaotic underworld, defeat the enemies and discover the golden fleece. Gameplay wise, the game is as simple as it gets. You can move around the dungeon floor by tapping on tiles, you can see the enemies range by tapping on them. You have to get close to your enemies by evading their attacks and then defeat them by either attacking them, throwing your spear at them or pushing them into the lava with your shield. As the number of enemies on a floor increases, the complexity increases and you have to think before you make your move. The graphics and the music are reminiscent of retro games and it gives you a wave of nostalgia. There  is also an option for legacy graphics which makes the graphics even more retro.
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