Screenshot of Strike Buster Prototype
Screenshot of Strike Buster Prototype
Screenshot of Strike Buster Prototype
Screenshot of Strike Buster Prototype
Screenshot of Strike Buster Prototype
Strike Buster Prototype

Strike Buster Prototype

Official release on Aug 9
Dev active
Publish BD Games
Develop ZeroCastle Game Studios
22,746 Downloads16,640 Followers

Accumulate combos to wipe out your enemy!That is "STRIKE BUSTER: Prototype", a new kind of shooting game with unique gameplay which has both retro and modern style. Accumulate combos, switch weapons, collect relics, destroy tides of enemies and powerful bosses, survive and get the highest score!

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Salman Al Farisi
Strike Buster Prototype: A Visually Captivating Arcade Shooter Game
739 Views 09/20/2023
"Strike Buster Prototype" is a visually captivating arcade shooter game that presents players with challenges related to motion sickness resistance, wrist strength, and epilepsy. The game boasts retro-style graphics and music combined with contemporary mechanics and gameplay. In this game, participants take on the persona of a bold character utilizing a variety of weaponry and equipment to defeat adversaries and face imposing bosses. The fundamental gameplay revolves around accumulating points by eliminating enemies and creating combos, which can be invested in acquiring more potent weaponry and items.
Charles Gosselin
this game is really hard
6.8K Views 08/12/2023
call of Druty
857 Views 08/12/2023
I like the game because of the thing we get for the game like ff and other do not give free things like call of duty
The game doesn't work with phones' that have no google play app thus......
404 Views 08/13/2023
Fackson Mwipapa
678 Views 10/08/2023
Can't play no more 🤕 why?
TapTap Creator
Strike Buster Prototype - Gameplay Review
2.1K Views 08/09/2023
I love this game!
547 Views 08/09/2023
Chaotic Inc.
Chaotic Inc.
TapTap Creator
Waifus In Space? Another Bullet Hell On Mobile And Steam
10K Views 08/10/2023
gamer non stop
40 Views 06/21/2023
We can try it
3 Views 06/20/2023
I can't even stay in main menu, game just drops me on the battlefield
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