Screenshot of REC.O.R.D
Screenshot of REC.O.R.D
Screenshot of REC.O.R.D
Screenshot of REC.O.R.D
Screenshot of REC.O.R.D
Screenshot of REC.O.R.D
Screenshot of REC.O.R.D
Screenshot of REC.O.R.D
Screenshot of REC.O.R.D


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Demo version (work in progress): Experience the atmosphere of intense warfare in a visually captivating shooter. Engage in strategic battles, face intelligent enemies, and make crucial decisions. Immerse yourself in the chaos of war with cutting-edge graphics and a gripping storyline. Lock and load, soldier, it's time to leave your mark!

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18 Views 2d
The graphics is so realistic, i like the concept but there needs to be more maps, weapons and possibly more game modes because as of right now the game is plain boring. EDIT: Haha, i forgot to mention the auto-fire system, is it really necessary to have an only auto fire function?
18 Views 11/19/2023
wow is so realistic! you can spend time there
26 Views 11/16/2023
Well, this game has potential, for now the only good thing are Graphics, seems like just a beta, u cant do much, just a few class and a match, for now this is my rate, hope with new updates they add new features.
114 Views 10/16/2023
🎮 Gameplay: it has potential to be one of the best shooting game, the camera and reloading animation is already great, we just need more map 🕹️ Controls: it's confused me when playing for the first time (this game using auto shoot) device : samsung A54 (mali g-68)
28 Views 11/11/2023
He'll out of gw
20 Views 11/19/2023
Good game can be hard sometimes to see enemy and nerf shotguns and make new maps pls but rlly enjoy game
Mr GiZsY.
40 Views 11/09/2023
I thought i knew what next Gen Graphics an Gameplay was An then i saw this game an realised that this is what i want all my game to look an feel like , when are all game going to look like this , this just looks so so REAL fuk yeahhhhhhhhhhhh , gaming on actuall next level
Cmdr DarkNite
4 Views 1h
At first glance when looking at this game in the preview video, it's obvious this game has taken inspiration from Unrecorded. Once you're actually playing the game, that's when the comparisons stop. 📖 Storyline: There is no story, and this is only a demo. I assume some sort of "story" will come at a later date, but only time will tell. 🎮 Gameplay: The game itself has potential, but as the game (work in progress) is right now, it's lacking a lot.
αbel Saju
15 Views 11/19/2023
Overall a 3/10. Graphics is excellent, but bad shooting mechanism.
50 Views 10/22/2023
bro thinks he's unrecord 💀 People see good graphics and start drooling, but it just looks like assets with a ton of post processing
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