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Screenshot of Starstride
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"What was the beginning of all this and where are we going?"
Intelligence crisis, biochemical change, extreme environment, Earth is no longer habitable, human began endless interstellar wandering.
Hanging unnoticed in the unmarked silent void at the end of the western spiral arm of the Sodoya galaxy are a tiny yellow sun and an even smaller red dwarf star. Orbiting about 99.5 million miles from it is a completely insignificant blue asteroid. The blue asteroid "Tral", which is insignificant to the universe, is the only hope for mankind to end its endless wandering.
The sun of Tral is also like the sun of Jerusalem, the new humans, the awakened ones, the natives, "who" is the "believer" who is favored on this path of time order.

【 Battle of racial struggle is on the verge of breaking out 】
A battle for survival across the stars and races! The hope of ending interstellar wanderings and continuing the lifeblood of the race!
Who can fully embrace "Tral" - new humans or awakened people or indigenous people?

【 Supercombustion duel extreme fingertip operation 】
No lock blood fight, burning the heart of the universe soul!
Multiple weapons +FTG skills to stimulate your operational potential.

【DIY combination to create exclusive Mecha 】
Exclusive equipment & beautiful skills & multi-style sets, free to match.
Build a Mecha that only you can control, the galactic level of power is about to be born!

【 Feel free to pinch your face and write your story 】
Personalized plate + shaped slider, a variety of styles custom kneading face,
From skin tone to facial features to hair to voice, the protagonists of science fiction stories are defined by you.

【 Interstellar Voyages Explore mysterious areas 】
The arrival of the super monster from another land, the mysterious hand of the underworld.
What exactly are "they"? And why?
"Challenge" new species, "explore" super maps, "find" unknown treasures, your journey is the sea of stars!


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Amazing Starstride Now Available For Pre-register Android,IOS,PC
467 Views 04/27/2024
28 Views 02/18/2024
Nothing feels impactful at all and the voice acting is totally overdone, to the point of it being annoying.  Might give it a little more time though.
51 Views 03/15/2024
When will I be able to play again? I've been playing through maintenance and can't wait until now..😭😭
TapTap Creator
A quick revisit, and the combat and performance is less clunky now | Beta Review - Starstride
997 Views 02/10/2024
Instantly caught my attention with its stunning graphics!
495 Views 02/12/2024
Starstride Official
Thank You for Testing
120 Views 02/20/2024
Dear players, After a period of intensive testing, our testing has come to an end. We want to extend our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you for your valuable feedback and suggestions during this time.Your participation and support are the driving force behind our progress and the continuous improvement of our game. Throughout the testing process, we've identified and addressed several issues, while recognizing there's still room for improvement and optimization. We will continue striving to ensure the game becomes more stable, smooth, and delivers a richer gaming experience in future versions.
Mitsuki kaguya
Best idea ever ⭐️⭐️⭐️
60 Views 02/18/2024
OM GOSH ! How can i tell you it's a trash without tellin' you that ! Well , the developers  had the best ideas so far for a video game , but geez ! The graphism ! Why are they so bad , for those who will say " maybe your phone has bad resolution" Ms mam' impossible ! (⚠️ NOT FLEXING) I've the S23 ultra from samsung and i can tell you that phone can easily make heavier games clear in the screen eg Genshkn impact , One punch man world , Fortnite and so on . . .
TapTap Creator
The future is looking bright! Now time to Suit up! - Starstride Beta Review
1.5K Views 02/17/2024
Vladislav Bayev
30 Views 02/14/2024
Good game, but low optimisation... When i use 60 fps its totally not 60...P.S. I have gaming phone...
212 Views 01/25/2024
Still in early gameplay but graphics are prestige story is smooth and for a game which is in development still I would say I it doesn't look like it should be 👎 Cons: just one. so far I have to go back in fourth between maps during the story constantly. 👍 Pros:  Great graphics  story is engaging and understandable Class and weapon selection has a wide variety there is more than standard there are hammers, whips, sword and shield, and more
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