Screenshot of Infinite Borders
Screenshot of Infinite Borders
Screenshot of Infinite Borders
Screenshot of Infinite Borders
Screenshot of Infinite Borders
Screenshot of Infinite Borders
Infinite Borders

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Do you want to define your own war style in a strategy game? Infinite Borders is calling you!

With over 10 million downloads, Infinite Borders is one of the most popular strategy games in East Asia. When you enter Infinite Borders, you will return to the Three Kingdoms period--a turbulent dynasty in Chinese history--and have a chance to pen your epic. You will play as a lord and fight alongside Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Lv Bu, and other great Three Kingdoms heroes. Form unique teams with diverse combinations of generals and tactics to defeat more enemies and conquer more lands. You can make special policies and guide your city towards prosperity. In Infinite Borders, grasping the final victory requires not only strength, but also intelligence and strategy.
Now, on the brink of war, it's time to join the battles and rewrite history, my lord!

Build Your Estate, Gain Abundant Resources
Construct buildings and upgrade facilities in your city to attain numerous supplies like wood, iron and soldiers. Devote your resources to expansion and development!

Command Your Troops, Various Generals Collocation
There are over 300 heroes with different skills waiting for you to recruit. Assemble your generals and formulate kinds of lineups to defeat your enemies!

Fighter or Farmer, Diplomat or Spy, Make Your Choice
How to rise to the top in this chaotic world? You can be an aggressive fighter who crushes the battlefields. You can be a hardworking farmer who concentrates on building and defending. You can be a sociable diplomat who establishes good relations with other alliances. You can be a mysterious spy who disintegrates enemy forces secretly. Determine your law of victory and write a new chapter of history in this war game!

Open Eastern World, Free To Explore
The upgraded 3D graphics restore an authentic ancient eastern world with dozens of famous historic landmarks like Yangtze River, Yellow River and Yueyang Tower, proving immersive gameplay experience. Embark on your unrestricted adventure right now!

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