Mermaid's Plastic Surgery

Mermaid's Plastic Surgery

The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


Admiring colorful human life, Miss Mermaid longs for possessing a human body and appearance. Could you do the mermaid a favor to perform a series of operations to turn her into a pretty lady? I know you couldn’t decline this lovely mermaid’s request, so let’s start a fishtail operation first. Use powerful potion to turn her fishtail to human legs, so she owns the ability to walk on land as normal human beings. Then do some little changes on her eyes, nose, skin and lips to make her look more like a human girl. Now she totally becomes a human lady and can start her colorful life.

The game contains five parts:
1. Mermaid’s fishtail operation
2. Mermaid’s eyes operation
3. Mermaid’s nose operation
4. Mermaid’s skin operation
5. Mermaid’s lips operation Find more free online games, please browse the website No need to download!




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Last Updated on 2017-02-27