Monster Trapper

Monster Trapper

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Catch & Collect cute traditional Japanese monsters! Funny, cute and simple!
1. Put some bait into the trap.
2. Wait for a little while.
3. When monsters show up, spring the trap and catch them!!
That's it!


◆Catch monsters with the simplest trap ever!
To catch these monsters, you don't need complicated machines,
Just a simple trap and tasty food.

◆Enjoy the catching game!
There is only one chance to spring the trap in each game!
Find out the movement of monsters and use the trap at the perfect time!
You can catch a ton of monsters at once!

◆Catch various monsters!
Many types of famous Japanese monsters (Yokai) appear in the game!
Collect all of them and complete the Monster Book!

◆Put Japanese foods and attract rare monsters!
You can buy various Japanese foods in the shop!
Choose carefully and attract the monsters you want!

◆Make use of handy items!
There are a lot of convenient items that make the gameplay easier!
You can shorten the waiting time of the trap by using scrolls!
A magnifying glass makes it possible to see each monster's favorite food!
Make use of the items and improve your gameplay!
Enjoy relaxing and exciting time with Edo monster Go!


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