US Military Cargo Train Simulator: Railroad Game

US Military Cargo Train Simulator: Railroad Game

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Are you ready for US army cargo transport duty to perform? As our massive army train is all set to take off with extremely heavy military cargo vehicles. Be the captain incharge of this whole cargo train transport task in simulator game. Sit behind the wheels of heavy duty cargo train 2018! Drive army cargo train onto the permanent railroad. Cargo delivery on army base is your first job to accomplish. Cargo train transport duty is no more child play anymore. This game is blend of different type of military cargo delivery train driving and flying helicopter simulation. Enjoy the fun of multi cargo train and a pro pilot military driving game. This gameplay is specially designed for cargo transport driver experience at one platform.

Army chief officer selected you for this combat mission. You don’t have a choice! Work for US army as you have no time to lose, or may risk your driving job! Are you trained enough for train driving and cargo helicopter simulator skills to complete the challenging missions? Execute your duty as an army driver to transport cargo vehicular combat on military train game. Multiple massive army transportation like army jeeps, fully loaded armor vehicles & haul truck, military tank and Cobra AH-11 helicopter are ready to deliver. You are the only responsible military driver US army man who have a task to complete with in specific time limit.

Prove that you got the best cargo delivery train driving skills in the world! Drive military cargo combat train on three different army base environment. Besides train driving, fly military helicopter to deliver army vehicular combat. You are one man army army driver, prove your driving skills and deliver army cargos on time or your soldiers will lose the battle war game. So let's go on a Pullman drive with cargo vehicles. This is a heavy objective based driving train simulator game, in which you need to transport military cargo as well as army vehicular combats via army train. Serve army battalion by performing duty of heavy driving military train and helicopter to their destination. The major goal of US military cargo train simulator railroad game is transporting military cargo safely without getting anything damage with in required time. During your journey you will face many railroad crossing and railway junctions. The environment mode is most realistic, incredible and thrilling in this train simulator game. So be ready! Enjoy full adventurous army cargo transport game.

US military cargo train simulator: railroad game Features:
Challenging & adventurous vehicular combat missions
Realistic 3D army base environment of train tracks
Realistic and smooth controls in train simulator
Amazing thrill of flying army helicopter
Delivery military cargo train simulator game

Let's see if you are daring enough or not!!! Everybody does not gets a chance to ride the soldierly vehicle cargo transport train, so feel yourself lucky. Let's face all challenges of this cargo Pullman game bravely. Download US military cargo train simulator: railroad game and give us your feedback, so we can make more army cargo transport games for you.


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