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Counter Strike Terrorist Shooting

Counter Strike Terrorist Shooting

MoreWith the game screen changes, feel different shooting experience! Counter Strike Terrorist Shooting has a clear 3D graphics, allowing players to better experience the fun of shooting! You are a professional gunman, you must find the terrorist's lair, destroy them in one fell swoop! Game Features: ◆ 8 kinds of firearms, covering all types of weapons; ◆ 4 kinds of style maps, snow, desert, city, town; ◆ Each scene has 1000+ levels; ◆ No WiFi, no problem ◆ Suitable for Android 4.0 above all mobile phones; ◆ Enhance your ability to aim quickly kill terrorists. Gameplay: ◆ Slide the left half of the screen, control the role of moving; ◆ Slide the right half of the screen, moving the prospective; ◆ Click aiming button, enter aiming mode; ◆ Click the fire button to shoot; ◆ Click to change the button to replenish the magazine clip ◆ Click squat button, control the role of squatting; ◆ Click to switch weapons button, change weapons; ◆ Click on the right equipment column, release throwing weapons or to supplement the blood. Do your best, shoot terrorists, complete the task! Share this fun game to your friends! Join us as soon as possible to destroy all the terrorists and bring peace to the world!

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Counter Strike Terrorist Shooting
Counter Strike Terrorist Shooting
Very boring. Too much sucks. I want it to be removed.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?