Free Moto Racing GP

Free Moto Racing GP

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Free Moto Racer GP inheriting the traditional racing mode, beside that, we also joined the VR mode. Take you to experience the racing experience from different perspectives!

Become a good motorcycle driver, first of all, you should own adventure spirit, and the cool motorcycle is also indispensable!

A variety of upgrades and transformations make this motorcycle race amazing!

Game Features:
◆ We have 10 cool motorcycle models from all over the world;
◆ 5 Moto Ares suite, the driver and the car can be replaced suit;
◆ Adapt to all devices above Android 4.0;
◆ No WiFi, no problem, all game levels support offline games;
◆ More games, in a field exciting competition to become the king to dominate the game!
◆ Keep upgrading your car, you can become stronger.

◆ Three kinds of competitions, regular season, knockout, time-limited game;
◆ Winning ways can not only run fast, you can also hit the opponent's car, so that they rollovers;
◆ In the curved track, the blind acceleration will only make you over the head, in some sharp corners you have to slow down;
◆ Avoid being beyond by opponents, you need to use the rearview mirror to see how far behind the opponent from you.

Break through the traditional racing motorcycle games, third-person perspective, to the real people screaming!

Come on and be the best motorcycle riders, the free motorcycle GP will give you an incredible gaming experience!

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