Real Manual Truck Simulator 3D

Real Manual Truck Simulator 3D

Provider Kick Time Studios
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<b>Passionate drivers would love to ride supercharged manual trucks across city. To drive, press clutch and use gear-box to transmit gear manually for perfect manual car driving test out of parking school. </b><p>Play Real Manual Truck Simulator 3D, drive modified gigantic trucks in fun city environment. No need of instruction handbook or car guide for driving transport trucks with revved engine installed. Be prepared to ride transport trailer, heavy oil truck, dumper trucks and American 18-Wheeler in manual driving &amp; parking 3D simulator game. Learn to drive &amp; master your parallel parking skills using clutches in dumper or sedans.</p>
<p><br><b>Play Extreme Car Transporter Missions:</b><br>Get ready to drive all American types cargo delivery vehicles in fun city with manual clutch and gearbox. Truck driver job is getting tough with driving simulator 16. Transport luxury cars to delivery spots. Being delivery truck driver can make you earn handsome amount paycheck for transporting baggage. Avoid wrecking school bus while you overtake them from roundabout. Face real car parking 3D missions in big city environment. Enjoy stunning maps and big rick truck parking experience with scattered responsibilities. Drive V8 engines supported supercharger trailer trucks for transportation missions in Real Manual Truck Simulator 3D.</p>
<p><br><b>Hard to Steer Super Charged 18 Wheeler Trucks:</b><br>Unending fun for parking enthusiasts who love handling big wheels. Driving hatchback is not complex as you drive real truck with following traffic rules and without demolition. Sit behind steering wheel of gigantic trucker with realistic chassis and suspension movements. Troubleshoot with modified vehicle like super charged engine in this vast open world driving game. Avoid car crash or wrecking billboards or fences. Show pro skills in powerful trucks with V8 engines horsepower. Sit behind the wheel on big rick truck game. Playing Real Manual Truck Simulator 3D game you will follow city traffic rules for driving safe in cargo truck and reaching destination on schedule time. Don’t try any rough stunts using nitrous like burnout, drifting big vehicles or leaving skidmarks on road for tire smokes. Build your repo and act like a responsible driver in vast urban town unlike minefield.</p>
<p><br><b>Unlimited Fun with Oil Tanker and Dumper Trucking:</b><br>You played ordinary racing simulator with top speed heavy car. Download free Real Manual Truck Simulator 3D game in 2016 to face action packed insane transport simulation. Deliver gasoline from refinery to gas stations without crushing police bus and civilians. Play stunning transport sim like never before with detailed gameplay and adrenaline filled levels. Learn to control truck tyres with pressure brake system else you can slip on road &amp; cause demolition with damaged fence or injured passenger. Avoid traffic violation and steer container trucks as expert stunt driver.</p>
<p><br><b>Transport Truck 2016 Features:</b><br>10 extreme challenging levels to drive multiple trucks<br>Insane truck driving and delivery missions to test driver skills<br>Drive safe using realistic pressure brake with onscreen clutch &amp; gearbox<br>Futuristic physics controls, internal dashboard view &amp; side mirrors<br>Explore the huge city area with high quality 3D graphics</p>
<p><br>Download Real Manual Truck Simulator 3D game to enjoy massive transport missions with multiple objectives and vehicles in this extreme racing automania truck 16.</p>


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