Guns of Survivor

Guns of Survivor

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Screenshot of Guns of Survivor
Screenshot of Guns of Survivor
Screenshot of Guns of Survivor
Screenshot of Guns of Survivor
Screenshot of Guns of Survivor


《Guns of Survivor》 is an action shooting mobile game with double joystick and endless freedom. You will play the role of a survivor of the last days, fighting your way out of zombies and traps. During the battle, you may collect thousands of components such as barrels, gunstocks, gunbodies, etc., and customize your exclusive firearms through free combination.
AIM and SHOOT! Survival in a virus ravaged world!

How to play?
1. Explore the map, avoid the traps, kill the monsters, and claim the rewards
2. Find and kill the BOSS, and get chest rewards
3. Collect firearms and components, create your own weapons

1. Simple Control - Third person perspective
2. 12 uniquely designed bosses waiting to be challenged
3. 1000+ weapon upgrades, create your exclusive weapons
4. 50 kinds of traps and pits, over 100 monsters of differernt characteristics
5. 3 talent trees, customize how and where you grow

1. Pay attention to the barresl on the streets, and you may get more rewards for breaking them
2. Watch out for the mines under your feet
3. Mystery businessman sells rare goods
4. Choose weapons of differnt ranges to deal with different enemies


Version 0.3.6 2019-02-27
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1. Bug fixes
2. Optimized some graphics


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guns of survivor is another good game with some bad issues, first of all I'm going to say it it's a very good game, The gameplay is pretty good the control are not really that amazing but at work fine and The graphic are okay, The one thing I must have to mention is there is a Dodge button which is completely useless because most of the time you're not even going to notice that button, And when you use it it's just a small Dodge that you just don't even move from your location to somewhere else, I recommend the Dodge should be longer but it should have a cool down timing that would make it much more useful, because I didn't even use it I mostly forgot it to use that, also the game have ability system which is pretty nice but it's not explained very well Still if you do experiment with the game you will see there is lots of things that hidden behind the core gameplay which is pretty impressive, And there is another great thing about this game it's offline, you can play it offline also online for daily mission in that kind of stuff but the best thing is that you also can play offline the game whenever you want, There are lots of type of weapon like machine gun submachine gun assault rifle shotgun sniper rifle rocket launcher and different unique type of weapons, it's definitely worth playing game and definitely worth four stars, I would gladly give it five star but the game interference and the man menu are not easy to navigate, for some reason you can't go to select weapon unless you are inside a mission you can't do other stuff like selecting your talent or character and many other stuff from a menu, I'm not saying it's bad but it's just confusing to remember when you can access which menu which is kind of a mess it's hard to remember and it's hard to navigate unless you are only playing this game and you are playing a regularly for newcomer it's not friendly man menu,,
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