Kingdoms Go: Domination

Kingdoms Go: Domination

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Kingdoms Go: Domination is an epic real-time strategy game based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Build your own kingdom and experience the fierce country war in battlefields!<br>Be prepared for the 24/7 endless war; unite the whole kingdom to achieve ultimate victory! The time has come to fulfill your destiny, as the strongest King in history!<p>KINGDOMS GO: DOMINATION FEATURES:<br>Build your city and prepare for action<br>- Manage your city from a small town; develop the technology, farming and military. Defeat the bandits around and expand your territory. </p>
<p>Legendary Generals<br>- Defeat and summon Legendary Generals from the Three Kingdoms era to join your army! <br>Different troop types like soldiers, cavalry and archers will restrict each other. Use the brilliant tactics and their mighty skills to plow your road to victory!</p>
<p>Real time country wars online<br>- Choose one camp once you start the game. Every camp will vote to select their emperor, military counselor, prime minister and other official tittles. They will enjoy privileges in battles with enemy camps. Send out your army to take over other cities. Collect their resources and conquer their empire. You’re not the only person building an empire! </p>
<p>Build strong alliances with others <br>- Build alliances with other lords and leaders around the world. Join alliances to help yourself and others. Join like-minded army leaders and help each other build cities, upgrade buildings or battle enemy armies. In this real time strategy game, your alliances can make or break you.</p>
<p>Win or Lose are all in your hand! Success depends on your witness and brilliant strategy! Come and join us now! Real-time war together with classical painting style brings you fresh experience!</p>

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