Caliko Goes Underground Epilogue

When they had reached a sufficiently safe distance from the collapsing tomb, the ghost phased Caliko, Polonius and Egeus back into their physical forms.“Whoa! Mister Ghost, what did you do?” Caliko said, patting her arm to make sure she was in one piece.
“A trick I learrrrrrned over the past 600 yearrrrrrss,” the ghost said, “Only once you took the shardddd was I able to apply it to others as wellll.”
Caliko, her entire body aching from a variety of injuries, painfully dismounted the great pachyderm along with Polonius. Her own mount, Hamlet the guinea, dutifully scurried across a sand dune to arrive at his faithful master.
“What will you do now that you’re free, Mister Ghost?” Caliko asked.
“For noooooowwww I will explore the desert with Egeussssss,” the ghost replied, “the real question issss, what will you do with the shaaaard?”
Caliko looked at the shard of Thanatos’s blade, feeling it pulsing lightly in her hand, before stashing it in her satchel. “I’m not sure, maybe take it to a professional to get it appraised first?”
“Well, good luck with thaaaat. Either way, you freed the spirits and they are not ungratefulllll. They will come to your aiiiid when the time is righttttt. Maybe I will, toooo.”
Caliko nodded solemnly. “Time to go home,” she said as she mounted Hamlet.
“Lucky girl,” the ghost said. Caliko waved goodbye as her spectral ally rode into the sunrise, disappearing behind the dune. Caliko began her journey back to Lasagna, the shard of Thanatos radiating with the promise of a new adventure.
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