this is a great game and has a lot to do.
it has loads of guns, many locations. the animation is nice and before I discovered the game a few years ago I had never seen a game like this animated this way. I'd stop playing the game until updates came out, but i eventually total finished it.
for the not so great things, which are very few and not serious: The ads are really overwhelming, suffocating even. There are SO many ads! You can remove them with a purchase and it's really worth it. It's a great game, and if you don't the amount of ads is so much that it's almost unplayable haha. The ads is kind of a neutral thing, the game is worth the money and you can buy it to remove the ads. Some other areas of improvement: there is no voice acting! that's disappointing because people talk a lot in this game and it would be a lot more interesting if there were actual voices. the writing for the game, in both plot and things the characters say, is really silly and sort-of dumb a lot of the time. there was a lot of work put into this game so I'm not sure why there was almost no effort in that area. pricing of items in the game is also pretty nuts. you can save forever and you might be able to buy a good item or two, but unless you spend real money on items, you're stuck with what you pick up and you will extremely rarely pick up guns. towards the end of the game I'd you haven't spent actual money on gear you will have a hard time getting through some things, and the in game purchases are ridiculous. like 15USD for one gun and some ammo. that's not really reasonable. the open world area is fun for a little while but it feels a bit underdeveloped and unless you spend unreasonable amounts of real money there's not much that can be done there and even if you do there just isn't much to do. without a story to drive you and no multiplayer there just isn't any reason I can think of to build a town in the open world when only you go there and there's nothing to do there but continue gathering resources. i was also really disappointed with the ending of the game which was not very exciting for being the end of such a long and fun game.
There is a lot of strategically placed poop throughout the game and I thought thayw as pretty funny.
considering all these things, it's a really great, long, zombie rpg game, one of the best games out there available for Android.
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