It is a shame, not for this legendary anime

Not gonna play this but this is the first that they gave extra info like "REGION BLOCKED". Anyway, Japan developer should stop making thing kind of game. What kind of game are you talking about? I am talking about RPG Turn-based. I actually don't mind it but at least make it good. Especially when they use a popular anime/manga as their game materials.
The only thing that worth the attention was just the animation and voice acting.
Even if they made it as auto action RPG, it will still better than this kind of classic turn based game. As you can see there are a lot of turn-based RPG that got shutdown this year. Only the most popular one will remain. You guys will probably said "Don't like it? Then don't play".
Did you know why Chinese and Korean RPG/MMORPG are the best right now?Even though it is boring after 1-3 months, they still provide better qualities. They should stop making gacha game and borrowed popular anime name then make profit out of it. Trully a shame for this legendary anime
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It makes sense. Totally agree with you, dude. Looking forward to more interesting reviews : )
7 days ago
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