China Issuing New Publishing License Numbers, New Mobile Games from Tencent after 15 Months

China NPPA has issued a new wave of publishing license numbers for video games. Two games from Tencent and a game from NetEase were approved among a total of 70 games, a huge relief for the tech giants.
Notable titles include Metal Slug: Awakening from Tencent, A Chinese Odyssey: Homecoming from NetEase, Retirement Simulator from XD, and the indie martial hero phenomenon The Scroll of Taiwu.
Metal Slug: Awakening had its first promo ready back in May 2021 and has just been approved to release in the Chinese market
The new list is much more stacked than the last, featuring multiple anticipated titles from major developers and publishers. However, this is a two-month gap from the last wave of approval, and only domestic titles were on the list, no news games were approved for consoles, and the rumored import game publishing license numbers were still nowhere to be found.
See the full approval list here: NPPA
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Hardcore Gamer
where the hell is the release? beta in the PI last month, c'mon
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