Pandemonium - Juggernaut - Eternal Evolution

Dear Commanders,
A new SSS-level Terran Tank Hero called Pandemonium, the Juggernaut, will be available in the new version. You can recruit him at the Limited Recruitment Event after the update. Check out his skills below, and tell us what you think about him in the comments! ⚡
🔸Hero Faction: Terran
🔸Hero Class: Tank
🔸Hero Rarity: SSS-level
🔸Hero Characteristics: Knockdown Spam & Melee Resist
[Hero Skills Information]
⚔️Ultimate Skill - Defensive Thump: Pandemonium slams the ground, inflicting DMG on all enemies within a straight line. Then enter Nuclear Magnetic Barrier Mode: Launch a nuclear magnetic shock several times, inflicting a certain percentage of base skill DMG.
🔸Talent Effect: When this skill is cast, allied Tank heroes gain Nuclear Magnetic Barrier Mode.
⚔️Common Skill - Nuclear Magnetic Shock: The user generates a shockwave, inflicting DMG on all enemies around them. This skill cannot crit.
🔸Talent Effect: If the hit target is displaced, their current skill is interrupted.
⚔️Common Skill - Searing Fist: Pandemonium summons flames to his fist, then strikes the target violently to inflict DMG.
🔸Talent Effect: The base chance of this skill being affected by Gravity Deflector is doubled.
⚔️Passive Skill - Gravity Deflector: All of Pandemonium's skills have a base chance (affected by ACC) to knock down the target.
When an enemy on the battlefield is knocked down, Pandemonium gains extra damage reduction for a few seconds.
🔸Talent Effect: When an enemy is knocked down, Pandemonium gains melee resistance for a while, reducing all received melee damage by a percentage equal to her damage reduction.
[Exclusive Equipment: Board Shield]
1: Gravity Deflector Enhanced: For every certain percentage of Pandemonium's damage reduction, skill DMG is slightly increased.
2: Nuclear Magnetic Shock Enhanced: Inflicted DMG resolves immediately and cannot be delayed.
3: Searing Fist Enhanced: When attacking a target with a shield, the CD of this skill is refreshed immediately.
4: Ultimate Enhanced: The number of nuclear magnetic shocks affecting allied Tank heroes is increased by certain times.
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