Screenshot of Eternal Evolution
Screenshot of Eternal Evolution
Screenshot of Eternal Evolution
Screenshot of Eternal Evolution
Eternal Evolution

Eternal Evolution

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A star sector is on the verge of extinction, an intelligence crisis looms, technology is at risk of being lost forever, and everything must be rearranged. The "Twilight of Civilization" is rapidly approaching... In the futuristic sci-fi RPG Eternal Evolution, you awaken as a Lightgapper on the distant planet of Keto, where you must lead the heroes of the three races, Atlas, Wenfyr, and Terran, to save the universe from unknown alien forces.

When the best heroes come together, you know they will deliver.

"When the Lightgappers awoke, they launched an attack on the star sector. Nobody cared about this unexpected episode because the three factions were still at war... But everyone will soon pay for their folly."

Faction is no longer a barrier in a universe on the verge of extinction. Atlas, Wenfyr, and Terran are the three most advanced civilizations in existence and they must work together to achieve the same goal. Would you like to be one of the Lightgappers, bringing all of civilization's forces together to establish an entirely new world?

- Three Faction Heroes Adventure Awaits -
Recruit a large number of Atlas, Wenfyr, and Terran heroes to begin epic battles and endless exploration in this sci-fi universe. On your journey, recruit more heroes, form different squads, and face various monster challenges.

- Strategic Deployment Ultimate Moves -
Gather evolutionary materials in battle, then train and strengthen the three hero factions. Strategic planning, expert execution, and the use various combinations to control the combat situations.

- Sci-fi Universe Deep Immersion -
Colorful and amazing animation special effects, as well as exciting audio effects, transport you to a future science fiction universe, allowing you to immerse yourself in a conflict on the verge of erupting.

Evolution is only the beginning of the adventure. Download the game and begin your Eternal Evolution now!

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