Basic Gameplay Overview

Floating Objects
In front of the raft, floating objects will appear. You can pick them up when they come close, or collect them using the hook.
You can build various devices and structures, each with different functions. Among them, the anchor controls the ship's movement and stops it, the rudder determines the ship's direction, the furnace and grill process various items, the research table unlocks crafting recipes, and the foundry can craft various items.
During drifting, you will encounter various islands, and sometimes they may be in your path. When your ship collides with an island, it will bounce off. To pass through, you'll need to build and use a ship's rudder to control the direction. The underwater areas around islands also contain various resources, which players need to collect using the appropriate tools.
PVP Mode
Experience more gameplay in PvP.
Players unlock the qualification to enter PVP mode once they have their first gun (usually the Defaced M33). In PVP maps, there are various monsters and other players, and players can attack each other. In this mode, death results in the loss of all items carried, which can be looted by other players.
In PVP mode, killing other players, killing monsters, opening chests, and gathering resources all yield materials. After 3 minutes of gameplay, an evacuation point opens, allowing players to return to their spawn location in PVP mode for evacuation. Upon successful evacuation, players can take out all items collected within the map.
Only in PVP mode can crude oil be produced, and crude oil is used to upgrade devices and research recipes.
Attention! In PvP mode, your backpack will be cleared upon death, and voluntarily exiting PvP mode will also clear your backpack.
Device DescriptionGrill
The grill can process food. After dragging the burnable food into the 'placing materials' slot, the fuel will automatically fill, and clicking 'start' will begin the cooking process. During cooking, players can close the page, and cooking will continue until all the materials in the 'placing materials' slot are cooked or until the wood in the inventory is depleted.
During the cooking process, the 'start' button will change to a 'stop' button. Clicking the 'stop' button will stop cooking manually.
Chests can store items. Items stored in chests will not be consumed or dropped in any way. Chests can be upgraded, and upgrading them will unlock more storage slots.
Manufacturing Machine
The Manufacturing Machine can craft items. You can craft various items in the Manufacturing Machine, including weapons, armor, materials, medical supplies, and semi-finished products, etc. Simply click the plus and minus buttons on the right to set the crafting quantity, and click 'start' to begin crafting. The required materials for the item are listed below.
Ship Anchor
Click the 'Drop Anchor' button, and the anchor will gradually descend, causing the ship to come to a stop at its current location. Once the anchor is down, click 'Anchor Retraction,' and the anchor will gradually ascend, allowing the ship to resume moving. Furnace
Research Table
The "Research Table" can unlock new crafting recipes. When a player uses petroleum at the research table to unlock new recipes, those recipes will appear in the crafting machine. Recipes that haven't been unlocked will not be visible in the crafting machine.
Pet Care Unit
The animal pen is a place to accommodate pets. Upgrading the animal pen allows you to accommodate more pets.
You can use materials to hatch pets. By defeating monsters and conducting research to obtain materials, you can click on the circular slot and choose the materials to fill in. This will allow you to synthesize a pet. Upgrading the device can increase the number of pets that can be hatched simultaneously.
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