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Just way worse than the prequel, with p2w
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sf3 is ok because it has story, but still the game was better as it w
#TapTapExplorerS2 2 amazing free offline indie mobile games!
15 Views 2022/9/6
My first game is Epic conquest, It is a 1 player game that i playable offline, with a fun story and good fighting mechanics for mobile. Also the difficulty of is just right, with amazing boss fights which some of are easy, and others very hard to beat without longer grinding. The second one is a versatile deck builder called breach wanderers. It's like "slay the spire" or "pirate outlaws" but free
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nice game, I'm to lazy to write
5 stars
2 Views 2022/8/29
Hi, to all who cant Play it its probably because you didnt get into the cbt, which you had to signup
249 Views 2022/6/19
other than that, i cant really rate it since it lags so much, especially they camera in battle. You literally cant see yourself, or even the enemies, the cam is constantly zooming in and Out and whatsoever. Plus the fact that the Heroes are already leveled as soon as you get them, which means that you oneshot all the enemies in the cbt Storymode, which ist Just some Variation of different Monsters. And most functions are locked till the Release. Overall it would be good, if it didnt lag.
Finally global!
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 i played the np one, but dient Unserstand aby skills or Item Status, or anything, so i deleted IT, but it was very nice, especially they graphics ewere nice for an RPG
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can already tell that this game will be boring and p2w just from looking at the pictures -_-
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