Screenshot of Changan Fantasy
Screenshot of Changan Fantasy
Screenshot of Changan Fantasy
Screenshot of Changan Fantasy
Screenshot of Changan Fantasy
Changan Fantasy

Changan Fantasy CN

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Changan Fantasy is a free-to-explore card game. The first version of "Scroll of Beacon" is updated today, inviting all demon hunters to expedition to the Demon Realm, to conquer the territory and experience the fun of the fantasy world!

You are about to enter a fantasy world where humans and demons co-exist. You will explore the forest and volcano and get acquainted with the five races of demon spirits and accept the challenge of the Jing Demon Division.

- Freedom to explore
Open up your adventure to experience a story that unfolds in a different way, encounter random events, and have many options to choose from.
You'll be able to unravel traps, discover secrets, and encounter unique spirits as you stroll through this fantasy world.

- Inter-combat
Expedition to the Demon Lands, the Scroll of Beacon is coming! Build up your own territory and accumulate rich resources with your demons.
Join the demon hunters on the battlefield to fight for the secret treasure of the Four Holy Cities and experience the fun of cross-combat!

- Strategic Operations
Various combinations of demon spirits, magic talismans at your disposal, and five races of wind, forest, volcano and yin working together to help you navigate the fantasy world.
The only way to calm the storm of illusion is to devise a tent, match the right team for each battle, and seize the moment in the changing battlefield to win with wisdom!

- lit. concoct demons by fancy tricks
The mysterious demon dictionary, up to 36 kinds of demon-making recipes to enrich your collection, even non-tribal can obtain rare demon spirits.
Low-star promotion, easy to refine, waste cards can also be turned into treasure cards, high star demon spirit in the bag!

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