Screenshot of Beasts Evolved
Screenshot of Beasts Evolved
Screenshot of Beasts Evolved
Screenshot of Beasts Evolved
Screenshot of Beasts Evolved
Beasts Evolved

Beasts Evolved

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Publisher 深圳市探娱互动科学文化有限公司
Developer NTFusion
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"Super Evolution Story" is a strategy development mobile game that focuses on the evolution of monsters and paper-cut style. Players can collect monsters to evolve freely, skillfully match heraldic genes, and carefully arrange the lineup of gods. Show off your strategic wisdom in the gameplay, and fight with other explorers on the unique super-evolutionary continent!

▲Unique paper-cut style
Ingenuity! The design style based on traditional Chinese shadow puppet culture runs through the game throughout the game. The monsters are almost black in face, but the color matching presents a different wonderful~

▲Cool collision mechanism
Overturn everything! Reasonably arrange resources and use strategies flexibly to make your monster army more powerful.

▲ Monsters evolve freely
One thought difference! Did the cute little monster evolve into a super beautiful goddess or a big evil dragon? Refuse to remain the same, there is no strongest lineup! Your monster you call the shots!

▲Abundant hilarious easter eggs
I want it all! Players will continue to unlock Easter eggs during the game process. The plot is unbearable, and it is more suitable to eat together with the introduction of nonsensical monsters~

All explorers are welcome to give more opinions, and enjoy everything!

------team introduction------
NTFusion was established in 2010 and has been operating independently for many years. Its representative works are the monster series games "NTCreature", "NTCreature 2", "Pocket Creature" and "Pocket Monsters". PVP (Pocket Creature PVP)", "Pocket Creature: Shakespeare" and the latest "Beasts Evolved".

Among them, "Monster Tower Defense" stood out from many works in the first hemp ball Flash game development competition in 2010 and won the championship of the professional group. In the final evaluation stage, Gergoe, one of the special judges of the hemp ball contest and the world-famous "Plants vs. Zombies" producer Gergoe Fan gave "NTCreature" a perfect score of 5 and praised the game's uniqueness.

The predecessor of "Super Evolution Story", "Pocket Creature" series, has been recommended by editors on well-known foreign independent game websites Kongregate, Newground, Armorgames and Google Chrome Web Store, accumulating over 30 million players.

So far, we have launched five games in our monster series. In 2016, we officially established the project to develop the sixth series of works "Beasts Evolved", which will run on multiple platforms such as PC, IOS, Android and HTML5 for the first time.

After nearly a year of polishing and production, the initial version of "Super Evolution Story" was officially launched
- In mid-January 2017, "Super Evolution Story" was listed on the Apple Store in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and was officially recommended by Apple
- At the beginning of August 2017, the origin version of "Super Evolution Story" was registered on the Google Play store in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, and was officially recommended by Google Play
- On August 30, 2017, "Super Evolution Story" was officially launched on IOS and Android in China

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