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"If our cognition is subverted, the existing laws are forcibly distorted or erased. What will our world be like?"

Do you believe that our world is not a single existence?

When the “real city” is intertwined with the “different world”, you are mistaken for the parallel world – you are the owner of the power. In the face of mysterious clubs, intricate organizations, and the visions that sometimes appear in cities... Are this unusual world and sudden awakening abilities, are you facing a trap or a truth?

Now, you must walk between the real world and the parallel world, communicate with the organizational partners in the real world, and jointly resist the strangeness that exists only in the parallel world. Use your courage and strength to do everything you can, to open the fog and find the truth, to maintain the balance of the world's laws; however, as more intelligence and clues are presented, it seems that there is a greater conspiracy behind it.

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