Garena Thunderbolt: Star Trek

Garena Thunderbolt: Star Trek

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Whether it's the endless challenges of space battles, or the star race to ride the 12 constellations, it's all about the thrill of the experience, come with your friends to explore the world of space science fiction!
Once you start it, you can't stop it! Let's fly together!

- Elite Driver Extreme Liberation
The world's most popular game, the "King of the Galaxy".

- World Championship Battleground
The Battle of the Hundred, the King of the Galaxy.

- The Battle System is now available!
You'll be able to travel the galaxy without being alone.

- Ares Awakens
Activate the God of War double special skills, gallop the universe invincible.

- New Trial Heroic Levels
Challenge the new level of heroes and evolve your skills.

- Driver rallying cry!
The unique driver mix and match, creating an exclusive combination.

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