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The game is not available in this country/region

Pigeon Games is initiated from a video on, and consists of many rhythm game fanatics that devoted time and efforts to Phigros without getting paid. We sincerely hope that the innovative game mode, along with well-crafted illustrations as well as charts, can satisfy your fingers and let you feel the charm of rhythm games!

Game Description

Innovative Gameplay

4 types of notes that fall literally everywhere, spiced with dynamic judgement lines, this game promises a rhythm game experience unlike ever before.

Handpicked Songs

26 high-quality soundtracks from all genres by well-known producers, offering a grand feast of music.

Curated Illustrations

Designed by our own Art Team, the one-of-a-kind illustrations are here to fit the songs as well as gameplay.

Companies Collaborated

Pigeon Games' cooperation with SOUL NOTES RECORDS allow us to include a set of five top-notch Chinese EDMs in our game - named [Soul Notes Collection] - awaiting your fingertips!

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Suraj Singh
Best Ever free rhythm game of all time
36 Views 6 days ago
I play this game since from the pandemic and it's really enjoyable to play when my friends are near around, and they also feel shock that how is he playing perfectly with every song...And it's 2022 I've got some issues like there's a new song released but I can't update this app idk why? But I'll wait for it till the next update to not losing any of the progress... please fix this issue and it'll be more enjoyable for me to
HOW TO UNLOCK You Are The Miserable AT15 and Stasis AT16 IN PHIGROS!
212 Views 2022/6/10
Perfect Score Overall Phi/10
136 Views 2022/6/24
AA Yunus
Nice mobile rhythm game ever
41 Views 2022/7/12
Such a wonderful game I've ever play. Some of notes appear unexpected,so I can train my hand's reflex greatly. And the most I love of this game is,no paid song/pack,so just some anomaly songs we should unlocked with bit tricky way. This help me as a less money people :>. My suggestion for the next is,add some another song from tano*c please, although we should get it with terrible way. Just it Thank you, pigeon games
Amazing rythm game
34 Views 2022/7/1
Probably my favorite rythm game on mobile, it feels the most dynamic to me. Gameplay feels so diffrent from chart  to chart, making it very hard for the game to be boring. The devs are active, and new songs are frequently released, no adds, no in app purchases, it's just an entirely free game. It's amazing.
Best rhythm game
42 Views 2022/6/27
I have been playing this for months now. Usually, I will get bored of rhythm games and uninstall after a week. But this game is different, there are no ads and you can earn ingame currency to purchase new maps. Its literally free to play and the graphics are superb. The developers are still adding new maps to the games so it never gets boring playing this game. Good work, developers!
Even more variations
50 Views 2022/6/24
The game overall is a masterpiece,  the time and effort the devs put is insane considering they aren't even getting paid. Music 10/10 Gameplay 10/10 Art 10/10 There also several more music added like the collab Musedash,Kalpa and the new Lanota. But i from my  personnal preference, i wish there was a vocaloid collab sure there are several miku songs but i want more :p ahem "The world is mine" , "Senbonzakura" ahem ahem ik it hard these collab but keep up devs you guys are the best!
Laquzo Eshiyasha
10 Views 2022/6/12
No advertisements, no in-app purchases, no paywall. Only high quality songs and gameplay. This is something only a passionate development team is capable of bringing to life. Im glad that I get to experience this.
35 Views 2022/5/14
I just wish if there was a save and load option, I've lost my data so many times as I was first playing on mobile and switched to a the iPad, secondly I wish " 六兆年と一夜物語 (Rokuchou Nen to Ichiya Monogatari) " or A tale of Six trillion years and a night. I wish this song comes to phigros
What an amazing game this is
17 Views 2022/5/29
What can I say about this? Fun gimmick, top-notch music, a decent story for a music game, and the best of all, it's all free. It doesn't even have a shop or anything, and still the devs put so much efforts into this (good job, Pigeons). Overall, a really great game.
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