Screenshot of Retract: Battle Royale
Screenshot of Retract: Battle Royale
Screenshot of Retract: Battle Royale
Screenshot of Retract: Battle Royale
Screenshot of Retract: Battle Royale
Retract: Battle Royale

Retract: Battle Royale Test Global

Provider Oliver Roberts-Charleson
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Retract is a brand new multiplayer, Battle Royale game, with unique mechanics for more competitive driven gameplay!

UPDATES : We will be releasing frequent updates which will include, new features, new maps, new weapons, new clothing, overall improvements, and so much more. Stick with us and keep up to date with our social media for all the latest news about Retract.
We take all suggestions from our players into account, so feel free to give us feedback on anything!


- High quality realistic graphics on mobile.

- Smooth multiplayer experience, squad up with friends!

- Fast matches with ACTION packed gameplay!

- Skill based gun mechanics, NO auto shoot, etc.!

- NOT PAY TO WIN, all players are equal!

- Barricades! If you get stuck in an open area,you can deploy cover and save yourself and teammates.

- Realistic weapons, scopes, and attachments.

- Customization your characters and clothing.

- Practice at the shooting range while waiting for a match.

- Much more to come!!

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Brutal Stipes
SUPER FUN I EVEN MADE A VIDEO ON IT !!! #gameplat 👍 Pros: great optimization very smooth and also fun 👎 Cons: needs more battle royale ranked maps and a way to make gold through different challenges that are more difficult than normal ones 🦸 Character Diversity: each striker has a very cool power to do different things to affect you and your team.
5.6K Views 03/21/2024
532 Views 11/07/2023
The servers are down
528 Views 11/07/2023
Couldn't progress beyond registration, it's really frustrating and disappointing. Why put out something that doesn't work
26 Views 01/23/2024
This is the game that I want to play in my life because this game is like DayZ love this game🤩🤩
1.8K Views 12/21/2021
I still cannot play this stuck loading in at email screen hope this gets fixed and it's a dayz, deadside,dead matter type game not battle royale we have to many like that to get a big fan base yours will have to be something special we don't have many survival PvP PvE base building game so you should consider your direction
Jorge Everlan
142 Views 12/28/2023
The game is good everybody ????
776 Views 07/29/2023
rip Retract,Vast, can't wait for Disarray tho
589 Views 11/04/2023
how can I get
40 Views 01/23/2024
Please release this game because all survival games lover are waiting for release and I understand that only one person creating this game hope this game arrive soon as possible thanks. 🙏🙏
1.6K Views 06/01/2023
Game really needs gyroscope
That's everything for now. Start a new game?