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9 Views 01/18/2023
Mohammad rashid
4 Views 12/30/2022
Whoa this is so
19 Views 08/29/2020
I'm unable to play. Anytime I launch the game they tell me it's out of date so I should update. And when I select to update it on the Playstore, it tells me the game is not available in my country. So I head back to Tap to see if I can update it here and it seems there's not update. I really wish to try this game out, I've waited long enough 😢 Oh I just realized it's only available in Asia, that's sad
2 Views 08/30/2019
Can someone help me? My game stucked every time at 0% And I don't know How to fix it
20 Views 02/11/2022
I would like to suggest that we will change the characters in FPS games which is the traditional counter terrorist and terrorist which is so boring that was used in so many years. And other games they used so many uniform's. In real life there is only one official uniform in each side. This is to give a player an immediate distinction between enemy and friendly character.That's what we should also do in creating a game. And other games have also a lacking in their uniform's. Others don't have head gear and others didn't tuck in their combat shoes. You are not creating your games basing on real life...I would like to invite you all to see my Facebook page at Full Batte Gear and see the good ideas that I'm suggesting...thanks...
Smiles 22
1 View 07/17/2020
it's saying an client version is detected but I still have noo update please help me with this
1 View 06/02/2020
OOF if I'm playing with all Chinese players idk what to do cuz some of them are tryhards and pros oof
😈 AsurA 👿
1 View 08/30/2019
Okk good but laggy in some points,overall game is good nice work, I'm playing in this phone and its perfectly work 👍
Tung Thanh
3 Views 08/30/2019
I played it I thought the graphics was gonna improve guessed not and the control just fine and the gameplay is sometimes lag and buggy but is the same critical op I prefer the og one
4 Views 08/13/2020
When I open the game, it says "outdated client detected" and the game crashes. Why even is the game on tap tap store, I don't get it. it's been 1 full year. Either update new client apk or just remove it from the face of tap tap store tf
That's everything for now. Start a new game?