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231 Views 03/16/2024
👍 Pros: Idle, fast UI, easy dailies, 6v6 autobattles, various pvp and gvg modes • great community • devs respond to bugs & suggestions • no arbitrary walls to progression (such as NOT requiring equal leveling of your party). • L2D art on all angels. • minimal story • strategic depth without complex depth • all events f2p-friendly 👎 Cons: takes a lot of dedication if min/maxing which is not as collector-friendly. New players may accidentally build their whole lineup, weakening their progression ability.
949 Views 07/17/2023
Game is good to kill time. Love it, been playing since day 1. It's quick and easy to do the dailies . The events are getting much better, they use to be trash at first. The ladies are getting more revealing, better lovely costumes. Great game made for us men whom are just trying to kill sometime. 10 outa 10. Also the pvp and pve system is good to.
nam dương thành
15 Views 04/25/2024
Update link is not available for every new version
Himari Noihara
9 Views 04/25/2024
Very good game
Tin Tran
36 Views 03/31/2024
The Angels is hot but the crash is still bother me. Also sometimes there are other bugs.
hika hika
198 Views 01/13/2024
As of 10 jan 2024 - Game is Dead, 95% of players just quit - only bots and few ppl remains. game mechanic and balance completely broken and doesnt work at all. there is hidden game mechanic (scam) against players, new angels mr/ur+ grade its just a scam to milk a money out of you. Stay away and dont touch even with 10 feet pole
Idle Angels
233 Views 11/15/2023
Is it possible to move all resources and experience from different characters to 1? Even if 50% of everything goes to a new account?
1.1K Views 07/18/2023
Love the game, easy to play, doesn't require alot of time and the ladies are beautiful. The perfect guy game.
177 Views 04/24/2023
a little bit p2w but playable
870 Views 03/30/2023
Very good game graphics, music and the Gameplay is well done the details are incredible
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