Screenshot of Wasteland Lords
Screenshot of Wasteland Lords
Screenshot of Wasteland Lords
Screenshot of Wasteland Lords
Screenshot of Wasteland Lords
Wasteland Lords

Wasteland Lords TW

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Developer 飞米科技
Publisher Longcheng Ltd.
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Arrogance comes from the cities; wisdom from the wastelands. In the nuclear wastelands, let us bury our arrogance and learn new ways to survive.

“Wasteland Lords” is a post-apocalyptic strategy game. After a global nuclear explosion, you are assigned to a wasteland shelter. Managing the last place of hope for all of mankind. For the survival and development of your clan, you will lead your people to explore the uncharted wasteland. Your civilization can only survive by obeying the laws of survival which help you fight to overcome the lack of resources, dangerous mutant creatures, devastated environments, and snooping from other shelters.

[Game Features]

- Underground City Construction. Unique SLG gameplay that sets up an original wasteland in the midst of an apocalyptic war. There are no blind spots in your shelter - feel free to explore it all. This helps you manage the shelter and better delegate the shelter members’ responsibilities. Experiencing an unique SLG managing gameplay by following your own path and ideas of development.

- ‘A man planning in the seclusion of his shelter is able to determine the outcome of the distant battle’. Fight with your allies to conquer the clan wars here in the open-world sandbox map.

- Use your battle tactics and the four different battle units to find victory. These, combined with the wasteland heroes, use their talents to solve all unexpected problems. In addition, the replay systems will help you to quickly build great troops.

- Apocalyptic Battle Mech. The impressive Mechs are waiting for you to experiment with and modify. Their customization will assist you in helping you conquer wasteland.

- Roguelike Gameplay. Looking for adventure? You will be able to drive a small adventure Mech to explore deep caves. Find what surprises and adventures lurk beneath the surface!

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