Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Screenshot of Granny's House
Granny's House

Granny's House

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The children are locked in Granny’s House.
Will they be able to escape from the mad mansion without getting caught?

The thrilling great escape awaits in Granny’s House.
Improve and mix your skills to defeat enemies!

Open the last door of the house after defeating all the enemies.
You will be rewarded for your progress and adventurous spirit.

Your favorite modes have returned.
Play them and escape from Granny’s House right now!

[Game Features]

■ Parkour
Parkour through jump patterns with randomly placed obstacles!
Run to the top and then run again!

■ Story (PvE Teamplay)
Form a group of teammates with different roles
to defeat enemies and take on the adventure
of discovering the truth hidden in the house!

■ Hide and Seek (4 vs. 16 Multiplayer Team Match)
Disguise yourself as objects and hide!
Survivors win by fooling their Pursuers until the end,
while Pursuers win by finding all the hidden Survivors!

■ Escape (2 vs. 6 Multiplayer Team Match)
A relentless pursuit! 2 Pursuers go after 6 Survivors!
Survivors work together to escape within the time limit, while
Pursuers try to capture Survivors or prevent them from escaping until time runs out.

■ Escape (Item) (2 vs. 6 Multiplayer Team Match)
Thrills doubled with items and skills!
Build various strategies to survive or to pursue.

■ Great Escape (PvE)
Combine different skills to go faster and make the game easier!
Defeat oncoming enemies and escape from Granny’s House!
An adventure is waiting, as are rewards for excellent play.

■ Occupation (4 vs. 4 Multiplayer Team Match)
Make a team of up to 4 members and occupy 3 points.
Fight the opponents to occupy their points.
The team’s victory rests upon your decision!

■ Infection (2 vs. 6 Multiplayer Team Match)
Yesterday's enemy becomes today's friend!
Pursuers attack Survivors to take over Survivors’ roles.
Avoid becoming infected by Pursuers and escape,
or Infect Survivors and interrupt their escape.

■ Craft
Build your own Granny’s House!
From the map structure to the game rules,
create your own game and enjoy its limitless fun.

■ Customized Characters
Collect characters and the gear you need to dress them up and enhance them however you like!
The more your characters grow, the more fun you will have in Great Escape Mode.

■ Metaverse Square
In the Square, you can have fun with other players from all over the world
and easily obtain rewards by opening gift boxes and treasure chests.
You can also catch the Mine Robber to earn bounties.
If you find it difficult to escape, collect rewards in the Square and level up your characters!

■ Escape Reward
You can be rewarded based on your play and progress in Granny’s House.
Claim rewards after clearing different game modes and missions.
With rewards, you can collect and level up more characters.

[Official Community]
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Kuro Sri
Trapped in Granny's House! Can We Escape? (Granny Multiplayer)
842 Views 05/12/2024
48 Views 06/12/2024
This game was very fun to play at first. My favourite gamemode was escape ( U can keep in mind I joined when the parkour gamemode was still new to the game) Anyway, I was seeing all these players with unique outfits from past seasons so I wanted one too, but it was 20k red souls for 1 box which is sooo much for a new player, Its very hard to get rank ups which give you even more redsouls. Also, It seems the game has been abandoned, but as of recently they made a slight update, (still not enough for a 1 and  a half year hiatus) tbh I thought they were working on a huge update but ig not...whatever ik I'm yapping. Anyway..the game is fun in general but gets boring quickly since the player base is getting smaller and smaller so matchmaking takes very long sometimes but the controls are great and the story is very captivating. ( I just wish there'd be more lore if they do update)
wonder gamer
4 Views 04/27/2024
The grant will beat you
Game player
The girl's grandmother has become evil
51 Views 05/11/2024
35 Views 02/09/2024
Good, I really like granny games
TapTap Creator
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Shubhankar Sinha
232 Views 01/07/2024
It is perfect multiplayer graany game for me and my friends for our Android phones
914 Views 02/27/2023
The gameplay is fun and nice, and very competitive, especially on Hide & Seek and Parkour options.
Daiwik Bot
1K Views 01/26/2023
Please update your game we want New things
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