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Coromon is a modern monster taming game with retro pixelart. Coromon brings an immersive storyline, strategic turn-based combat and challenging puzzles to a classic genre.

• A compelling story with an interesting plot.
• Difficulty levels for an extra challenge.
• Epic boss battles to test your skills.
• Challenging puzzles to solve.
• Stat customisation: customise your Coromon to match your playstyle.
• Character customisation to create the perfect look for your character.
• 120+ animated Coromon.
• Unique regions to explore, each in its own theme.
• Beautiful pixelart visuals.
• Original soundtrack with 50+ tracks.
• Multiple saveslots and autosave functionality.
• Full controller support.

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A Hidden Gem Inspired by Pokemon
46K Views 2022/7/5
Jay Hunter
Jay Hunter
TapTap Editor
A Great Pokémon-Inspired Game That Transcends Being a Clone - Coromon First Impressions
1.4K Views 2022/7/20
Very pleasing experience
1 View 5 days ago
Beautiful pixel animations and over all aesthetic. Feels like a whole new pokemon game ( unlike any bad clone, coromon has its own feeling to it wich is great.) great mechanics, like the potential System. cant say much about the story yet but it seems good so far.
Jimmy Jayy
44 Views 2022/7/26
this game makes me excited all over again. It has that same appeal like pokemon but with a fresh take on it. A lot of games may try abd imitate pokemon and fail but this game doesnt imitate it feels separate and new. It comes with new obstacles and concepts. I want the rest to cone out already im stuck at lvl 25.
TapTap Editor
A game that makes me want to explore more and feel interesting
476 Views 2022/7/20
80 Views 2022/7/27
this game had lot potential, my suggestions is - make day cycle from morning to night - make a hourglass so we know what time a coromon appear in game - make more quest so we not boring - make setting when battle with wild coromon and trainer has speed 2x and 3x
I love this 😍
214 Views 2022/7/7
64 Views 2022/7/11
This is pretty good game for passing time and enjoying the graphics are pretty satisfactory and the details and small jokes make the game more enjoyable, i haven't eaten a pizza with a pineapple but this game make me wants to try it out
234 Views 2022/3/14
Just the demo but much better than i expected from a pokemon-like game, I really like how they got the best parts from other pokemon games and made it even better, adding little twists into the mechanics and such, it really feels like it's a standalone game, with its original monsters and story. There isn't anything bad about this game, just some improvements that could be made like: - The quests were a bit hard to follow since the descriptions were vague, you also had to remember where the NPCs were which is a bit hard, what i would do is show which route the quest is and put an icon on top of NPCs with quests
144 Views 2020/2/3
🅿🆁🅾🆂 ✅ Music, sound, graphics and all characters design & skills are really good in this game, feels like every conversation or dialogue in the game makes sense, automatic doors of shops and other places and their effects are awesome lol, all in the game is so well done, I can see so much effort on everything. ✅ Auto run and other options, great ideas 👏. ✅ Difficultt choose and very intuitive game, I didn't skip any dialogue, the story and events are so interesting wow again I'm surprised.
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