Screenshot of Blue Archive
Screenshot of Blue Archive
Screenshot of Blue Archive
Screenshot of Blue Archive
Screenshot of Blue Archive
Screenshot of Blue Archive
Screenshot of Blue Archive
Blue Archive

Blue Archive JP

Dev active
Provider Yostar Games
Publisher Yostar Games
289,217 Downloads149,213 Followers

"Blue Archive" (Original: Project MX) is an RPG game featured 3D beautiful girls in animation.
In this game, the player will be a teacher, leading students to solve different events in the city.

* Full 3D high quality picture.
* Interesting elements of strategy.
* Enrich the character collection.

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6 Views 7d
c After playing for a bit, I can't log back in
108 Views 01/28/2024
Gameplay : 7/10 Graphic : 7/10 Story, Music, Voice Acting : 8/10 QoL ,UI : 7/10 Conclusion : i guess this game main selling point is the character (?) ,because i dont seem to have fun playing this game, the gameplay is veru basic, or i just havent done the hard quest yet
Tấn Lực Nguyễn
38 Views 02/03/2024
Just rate up 3 star student to 4 or 5% on global please although jp server is really good
Hiroshi Kururugi
691 Views 08/03/2023
I give 5 stars for this game. It belongs to Youstar camp, which I like the most. (⁠✪⁠㉨⁠✪⁠) What's better than a girl with animal ears holding a gun? (⁠ᗒ⁠ᗩ⁠ᗕ⁠) ok 1. The game will be a turn-based style, play continuously, find items, upgrade characters, climb the PVP ranks, but there will be some seriousness during events or boss stages. 2. The gameplay doesn't seem very new. The character will attack automatically. The player has a duty to just press the skill at the right time. There is an Auto, there is ×3.
60 Views 12/23/2023
nice game but i dont understand janpanese :)
270 Views 11/22/2023
anyone know how to create bluarchive jp ?
Lê Long
The reason I like blue archives
841 Views 09/27/2023
games like genshin!
844 Views 09/30/2022
giorgio baka
940 Views 08/23/2023
Since latestevent update I cant play the game anymore, it says there's a download client, but When i opened playstore there isn't any update, pls help me
Im not Hinaless anymore!
1.2K Views 08/16/2023
That's everything for now. Start a new game?