Screenshot of Tom and Jerry: Chase
Screenshot of Tom and Jerry: Chase
Screenshot of Tom and Jerry: Chase
Screenshot of Tom and Jerry: Chase
Screenshot of Tom and Jerry: Chase
Tom and Jerry: Chase

Tom and Jerry: Chase TW

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Provider Envoy Games
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1. [Competitive asymmetric multiplayer game] Play as either cat or mouse. Steal cheese and trick Tom with your friends to win. Or rescue Tom from his fate of never being able to catch Jerry and help him become a mouse-catching expert. The action never stops!
2. [A classic reborn in HD graphics and high performance] Recreating the original animation just the way you remember it. Original music, an authentic retro art style, and lag-free gameplay bring you a truly immersive experience!
3. [Free to play, easily accessible] A single game provides up to 10 minutes of fast-paced action and mayhem. Complete free quests to earn gold, enough for you to shop to your heart's content!
4. [Distinct characters, diverse items] Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Lightning. All your familiar friends are here! Each character has their own unique skills. There are also many different items to find on the map, such as forks, ice cubes, photo frames, and various special drinks. Use them wisely to turn the tide of battle!
5. [Interesting game modes and maps] Players can cycle through many unique modes including Classic Mode, Golden Key Match, Fun with Fireworks, Cheese Frenzy Match, and Beach Volleyball. Each mode provides its own distinct gameplay. Combined with a variety of different maps, including Classic House, Summer Cruise, and Night Castle, this ensures that every game is a fresh experience!
6. [Endless fun with friends] Play as a mouse and form a 4-player team with friends. Communicate through the built-in voice chat, change your strategy on the fly and show Tom who's boss!
7. [Fashionable characters and skins] Dress your characters and become the sharpest looking cat, or mouse, in the house! Get a new look every day!

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7 Views 02/18/2024
AYO Ayomayom
13 Views 02/11/2024
the game is great but it laggs a lil but the game is very good ots super fun
No pls
5 Views 02/03/2024
I wish i can play this game because when am as child,i was play this game really fun
Thank Cousin Muscles this exists!
509 Views 11/28/2022
Tom & Jerry will always be special to me. And they went ahead to create onew of the greatest games of all time! There's no ads, there's online capability, and some voice acting in the tutorial! It's really a pleasant game!
sourav panigrahi
6 Views 7d
If it's region locked then it should not be for  open download
438 Views 11/11/2023
Its my second favorite game but can you add a google sign in? I don't have a Facebook or Twitter account and i really want to save my account.
55 Views 01/22/2024
Smoke The Horsehog
Why is Tom & Jerry Chase exclusive to Asia?
1.5K Views 01/25/2023
It was thanks to this app that I managed to download Tom & Jerry Chase as someone living in America. It's a shame that, had it not been for this app, I may have never gotten a chance to place this. The game controls really well and it is tons of fun, ignoring some content being locked behind micro transactions. I've gotten really good playing Classic mode as a cat against other players around the world. Even if the connection goes down and I end up frozen in the middle of a game, it makes up for that by providing what you would have gotten as rewards, anyway.
Supriya Waghmare
11 Views 01/31/2024
My Brother is Favourite game
Rainbow hajeck
453 Views 11/18/2023
Well honestly idk but this is super freaking cool
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