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Screenshot of Bvengers
Screenshot of Bvengers
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Provider Dragonfly GF CO., LTD.
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▶Immersive Storyline◀
During a friendly survival game, an unknown wave locked the B-Family inside a Claw machine!! To escape this madness they must become the last survivor before the claw comes down..!! Let's see who's gonna take victory.

▶Quirky B-Game! Adorable Characters are a Plus!!◀
• You'll become addicted to B-Family's ridiculous and unexpected situations!
• No matter the age, everyone will want to collect adorable B-Family characters and their costumes!

▶B-Family meets the best original FPS 'Special Force'◀
• Various weapons, enormous maps, and the class system are sick..!!
• Special Force's back view and auto fire option are optimized for mobile game-play!
• Use never before seen unique character skills to enhance your performance!

PLEASE NOTE that Bvengers is free to download and play, HOWEVER, some game items can also be purchased for additional cost. Please refer to our Terms pf Service and Privacy Policy for more details.

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★Developer Contact:
[email protected]

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