Screenshot of One Piece Fighting Path
Screenshot of One Piece Fighting Path
Screenshot of One Piece Fighting Path
Screenshot of One Piece Fighting Path
Screenshot of One Piece Fighting Path
One Piece Fighting Path

One Piece Fighting Path CN

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Publisher 朝夕光年
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Relive the original animation in the game, collect powerful partners, explore the world of fantasy seas, trigger random easter egg events, release cool skills, engage in 3D real-time battles, deep-sea fishing, collect treasure, collect favorite characters and ships, your One Piece adventure The journey is defined by you! ! Set off! "There is no reason to stop a man from running to the sea!"

[New genuine] Officially authorized, new high-quality genuine masterpiece!
Authorized by Toei Animation, everyone in the team maintains a red-hot "1P ingenuity"! The works of the old Haimi's feelings, and constantly refine the game's graphics, gameplay, and settings... Strive to present the unprecedented high-quality One Piece IP masterpiece to players!

[3D Restoration] High-precision modeling to create an immersive sailing world
The degree of restoration is max, fine to each house, allowing players to experience a real three-dimensional world of One Piece! The complete sea area map scene, the original voice actor dubbing, as if the naked eye travels through the world of One Piece, whether it is the yellow sand in the sky of Alabasta, or the water in the seven capitals.
One Piece Hot Blood Route!

[Blood Fighting] Fair competition, full-view combat is full of variables!
"Rubber Eraser - Shooting!
"Fire Fist - Emperor Yan!"
How can a character I like be beaten passively, and a brave sea fighter is the one who takes the initiative to attack! Carefully restore every original signature skill and unique setting of the character, release skills, combine combos, fight in the arena, and enjoy the cool feeling of hand-to-hand fighting! Friends, let's fight!

[Exploration of the Seas] Open exploration, random events are the real adventure!
One Piece's partner is of course free to take risks! Large sea area, indulge in sailing, climb upside-down mountains, fly to the sky island, explore the deep sea prison, challenge sea beasts to collect treasures, trigger random events of interesting eggs, and a fantastic sailing adventure is waiting for you! see that wobbly pointer
Yet? That is the next destination of the adventure!

[Partners Collection] The protagonist appears and forms the strongest exclusive sailing group!
In the game, both original characters and ships can be collected. Luffy, Zoro, Lie Busanji, Nami, Chopper, Robin, and Merry, all can become the player's partner. During the game battle, players can summon their favorite partners to fight together - after all, fighting side by side is the true meaning of partners!
In this sea, no one is born alone. Come and gather your buddies to board the ship, and set off to sail with the crew that only belongs to you!

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