Screenshot of Raziel: Dungeon Arena
Screenshot of Raziel: Dungeon Arena
Screenshot of Raziel: Dungeon Arena
Screenshot of Raziel: Dungeon Arena
Screenshot of Raziel: Dungeon Arena
Raziel: Dungeon Arena

Raziel: Dungeon Arena US

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Brace yourself for dungeon crawls and Multiplayer brawls in this dark ARPG experience!

Your enemy is on his last leg. Swap out your mage for your warrior in real time and deliver the battle's decisive blow. Welcome to Raziel: Dungeon Arena. Collect new heroes, raid single player and co-op dungeons, craft epic gear sets, and save the world from its demon plight.

Raziel is a meticulously crafted dungeon crawling, boss battling ARPG experience for your cell phone. Like solo quests? Make your way through Raziel's 60+ single player dungeons. Prefer to make things a bit more personal? Raziel: Dungeon Arena offers arena and co-op modes.

Game Features

Satisfying Single Player Experience.
- Challenge single player dungeons that require you to think on your feet in order to survive.
- Outwit bosses that use unique skills to stun, bind, burn, freeze, and kill anyone in their way.
- Outmaneuver enemies who possess spatial awareness, reacting according to their own strengths and weaknesses.

Co-Op & PVP
- Explore the world map with friends to find random quest givers and challenges.
- Form raid parties and take on dungeons with friends.
- Team up in co-op Tavern boss battle quests.
- Fight with other players in the PvP arena.

Tag team battle system
- Mix and match to find the best hero combo and fighting strategy.
- Precise and fluid mechanics lend a superior sense of maneuverability and control.

Stunning Unity 3D Graphics
- Immerse yourself in a dark world filled with detailed character models, gorgeous dungeon environments, and eye-catching hero abilities.
- Traverse a diverse set of environments including dismal swamps, forbidding deserts, desert plateaus, and haunted forests.

AAA Quality Sound
- Full length game soundtrack accompanies you as you hack and slash your way through mobs.
- Story narration and in-game NPCs accompanied by authentic voice acting.
- Detailed sound effects provide unparalleled immersion with realistic ambient effects and a plethora of unique sounds for character skills and abilities.

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