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Screenshot of Wild Maiden
Screenshot of Wild Maiden
Screenshot of Wild Maiden
Screenshot of Wild Maiden
Wild Maiden

Wild Maiden TW

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Animal anthropomorphic RPG Wild Maiden
Developed by the Korean original Bluesom, this is a turn-based RPG that combines strategy and culture. Players will take on the role of the legendary "rescuers" and join forces with young girls with various types of animal genes to reclaim the human lands occupied by mechanical life!


The story begins in the year 2122... The team accidentally discovers an ancient artificial intelligence - Mother!
For the betterment of humanity, scientists have combined the Mother and Human United Network Eve
But this decision did not lead to a bright future, and artificial intelligence is rapidly gaining control over all areas of human activity.
Only the last fortress, the Snow Plain Shelter, remained.

As the battle against the machines continued, the human casualties increased and the shelter was no longer able to block the machines' attack.
Human beings in desperate situations do not give up their last hope and use the last facility in the shelter.
Synthesizing the superior genes of humans and animals, a new life is born - Anima!
The war continues to grow and spread, but Anima survives, carrying the fires of humanity with her...

This is the story of Anima and "you", who belong to the surviving Anima after one hundred years.


◼︎Sm_25FC Limited to Traditional Chinese Version only, special characters anthropomorphized!
The Blue Magpie and Pheasant, a special species of bird, have come out in the guise of Lolita and the Queen.

◼︎The final time has come to reclaim mankind's lost paradise!
The million words of the plot, the battle between machines and humans, who? It is the master of the continent of Adenia.

◼Sm_25FC -︎LINK type unlocked and fight alongside a bestial girl!
Inheriting the legendary power of the Rescuers, Liberate the Maiden is an all-new form!

◼︎Mechanical RAID is coming, Strategic Matching Bengal Attack!
Build up your character, team up strategically, challenge bosses, and break through mechanical blockades!

◼Sm_25FC︎Create a private cabin with a unique style exclusive to you!
Set up a private space for you and the girls, and not forgetting to produce resources while fighting~!


For more first-hand information about the game, please follow the official Facebook fan page at

This game involves sex and mild violence, according to the game software grading management system is classified as secondary 12 levels.
This game is free to use, and the game provides payment services for virtual currency and items.
*Please pay attention to the game time to avoid over-indulgence.

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