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814 Views 11/08/2021
First of all, it seems that the multiplayer mode is turned off because of the server in China, but it supports single-player mode. Quite a promising game, similar to Metal Revolution. The game has many characters to choose from. The combo system is also quite well done. In many places, it reminds me of Tekken. But it's even simpler to play, as you can draw specific symbols on the screen to make combos, which is very creative and simple to learn. yeah, better than the PS4 controller, for real. It's a shame that this is the era of Moba and fps, I wonder if the developers can feed themselves by developing the fighting game.
sam dean
748 Views 03/24/2021
love the game the characters and gameplay also thank you for offering offline mode very much appreciated but the user interface is ugly, cartoonish and way too big, thats its distracting a slimlined interface will be great and also make the joystick invisible, the supermoves need some rework and maybe later the graphics will be improved but it a great hope to see more
Dzonix Zigzag
452 Views 03/24/2022
the game is great👍, but how to turn off the vibration, vibrates at every touch of the screen, vibration this is very bad, turn it off or add the option to turn off the vibration
438 Views 03/07/2022
such a good game.. spent so many hours on this game. got past rank 1289700 and still kept playing. only to be met with a "checking local bundle shared bundle" error screen making my game unusable. I cant even log in now. it was good while it lasted :/
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742 Views 03/03/2022
I have serious technical issue. when I clicked button A or B the game stuttering then freezing. looking forward to official release. overall I like it,just unplayable on my phone right now.
Huỳnh Phong
335 Views 09/23/2021
give this game a good marketing strategy and it'll become a sensation. One of the best fighting games on mobile
428 Views 05/25/2022
this game is very good and works well. Its very similar to street fighters, tekken 1/2/3/4/5/6/7, jojo's bizarre adventure, and other arcade ga!es. I really recommend this game to a gamer like yoi.
624 Views 11/14/2021
yawn! 🥱 this game is very boring...like King of fighters franchise...😒
Shiba Deb
813 Views 11/18/2021
best game i am playing in 1gbram runinf best game for 1gbram running smootly
Not bad
696 Views 05/28/2022
It has many good elements but somewhat lacks in keeping player having fun, I got bored after a
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