Screenshot of Echoes of Magic
Screenshot of Echoes of Magic
Screenshot of Echoes of Magic
Screenshot of Echoes of Magic
Screenshot of Echoes of Magic
Screenshot of Echoes of Magic
Screenshot of Echoes of Magic
Screenshot of Echoes of Magic
Screenshot of Echoes of Magic
Echoes of Magic

Echoes of Magic Global

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Provider Onefun Games
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Echoes of Magic is a fantasy MMORPG where you can customize your hero however you want!
Join now to set foot on an adventure, build the strongest hero to protect your homeland!

Game Features:

> Customize Your Classes
In EOM, there is no class limit, your class depends on your weapon skills.
Mage, Archer, Warrior... Fire, Frost, Evil... Over 20+ classes await you!
You can go all the way warrior or be a hybrid of Assassin & Mage, it's your call!

> Customize Your Skills
Feeling bored to use the same skills repeatedly? Come in EOM to customize yours!
Combine Guardian's Shield Wall with Mage's Blizzard. You can be a tanky warrior and a ranged DPS at the same time.
Use Shaman Skills with any others and enjoy the thrill of unlimited skill casting!

> Endless Combat Variety
Over 10 different maps + Over 100 monsters + A pool of random skills + Freedom to choose = Never having the same combat experience ever!

> Fair PVP
All-new PVP mode Survival Arena is live! 8-person matches, random skill pools, and custom-picked classes & skills! Fight with bosses, other players, and survive until the very end to become the Champion!

> Make Friends Worldwide in Town
Don't forget to make friends when you walk in Ravine Town!
Maybe you'll march side by side to achieve victory in the upcoming co-op mode!

Contact Us
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Official Discord:
Email: [email protected]

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What’s happening

Echoes of Magic
1.2K Views 08/04/2023
33 Views 01/28/2024
Gate server connection error when I try to play so 1 star and please develop this game so everyone can play thank you. :)
What happen
606 Views 12/07/2022
It keep ssaying nnew version aavailable, and restart.. Even thou i have the nnewest version
TapTap Creator
Echoes of Magic : Gameplay Review
10K Views 06/02/2022
Mobile Addict
Top 10 Android MMORPG Games Recommendation In March 2023
3.4K Views 03/14/2023
692 Views 01/14/2023
I download the game but cant play it. The game said something about gate that I cant join, what the problem is that???
Tomáš Bartolovic
664 Views 02/25/2022
Its another p2w but its one of the better ones. You need actuly some skill and strategy thinking if you dont want to pay a lot of money to be overpoverd that is. Iam enjoying game second day and its fun but idk how long it will take until I will be stuck and unable to progress without paying. I hope it wont happend cuz its realy fun game. I know its kinda way how it works on smartphones but I would be rather if game had monthly subscription or something like that.
TapTap Creator
Echoes of Magic : First Impressions
4.1K Views 05/22/2022
Echoes of Magic
Echoes of Magic
《Echoes of Magic》Official
New Version Coming this Weekend!
1.1K Views 01/20/2022
Tracey Truelove
250 Views 11/29/2022
Downloads fine, but detects a new version but won't update and no update option available
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