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Screenshot of Undecember
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Screenshot of Undecember
Screenshot of Undecember

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■ UNCHANGED – Unchanged Values
Immersive storyline and growth through hunting and farming
Fun and excitement, while pursuing the unchanged values of a RPG

■ UNEXPECTED – A Perfect RPG Beyond Expectations
Venture through countless maps with diverse themes
And experience the unexpected thrills of combat

■ UNLIMITED – Limitless Skill Combinations
Surpass the limit by creating thousands of
skill combinations from various Skill and Link Runes

■ UNDEFINED – Freedom of Style
Instead of choosing a class, enjoy building up
your own character based on your combat style

■ UNSTOPPABLE – Endless Contents
From Raids to Guild Battlegrounds!
Test your limits through multiple available contents

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16 Views 02/26/2024
Graphic design is great but harder for players with big fingers as the screen for mobile device is small unless you play on a tablet.
10 Views 03/14/2024
P2P death simulator with greedy devs!!!
Jann Carlo Borres
21 Views 02/16/2024
Why still pre registration?
The Best Games for Android/IOS .Part 7
6K Views 11/27/2022
YouTube channel So guys please support my YouTube channel by clicking on the link above.I post interesting videos and kindly comment on what games you would love to see a video on!hope to see you guys there 🙂
922 Views 10/26/2023
Game sucks
196 Views 12/25/2023
Undecember is masked as a A+ title on par with game greats such as Diablo. After spending a few hours playing, you will realize the nefarious paywall that exists with the rune system. i wanted to like this game. I invested about 20+ hours into it. The pay tactics ruined the game for me.
571 Views 10/17/2023
First download  7gb electricity died so i xlosed the game and download didn't resumed.... Second try downloaded 4 gb electricity died didn't closed it when electity came back resumed it and it downloaded 13 gb instead of 8 ...... And even after that game doesnt open ...... well on third try electricity didn't die and game installed normally but the game was  bad  not enjoyable smooth on high settings but feels generic
Gaming Hardcore
Undecember in 2022 - Pay To Win POE?
4.1K Views 10/27/2022
Son of Rome
948 Views 09/10/2023
haven’t played the game in while. But it wasn’t what they advertised… disappointed with the whole game, they just want money & have annoying pay walls.   
Jack Label
20 Views 01/05/2023
The game is ok, but the construct of P2W content shows greedy to me. You will pay for endgame stashes most of it. imperative to have those all about $50-$100 or else your endgame isnt going to be great
That's everything for now. Start a new game?