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The game is not available in this country/region

How long have you been waiting for, before you gear up your racing suits again and go back to the race track where the scent of burning rubber mixed with gasoline, and the flashing RPM lights are drawing shiny flares on your visor

How long have you been waiting for, until you get the call from the team manager, to sign up as the official driver and travel to 15 different tracks around the world to race the full season with millions of real players?

Start Your Online Racing Career
The racing season will start from the freezing winter test, you and the team crews will set up the car, the seat position, even the electronic display preferences with you before the team head to the first round of the season.

Developing the car through the season
The tension builds up as the season progresses, every team is upgrading their chassis and engine, you are the only one who will be on track to give direct feedback to the engineers, as the weather and grip level changes it will be a tough task! every minute on the track, every second in the corner, and every championship point separates winning and losing.

They say, it’s too late to write your name in Motorsport
During the online career, It’s never easy to climb the ladder of Motorsport. A good driver will always need to join a top team to fully express his talent, and you will write your name in the official championship of P:Racer, with speed and blood. various of racing legends during your career will help you to become a real master!

Artificial Intelligence Era
In the parallel universe of P:Racer, an ambitious project was introduced and promoted by BRG srl - an global Motorsport company owned by Jam Bristol. Will The Unmanned Racing Car finally replace human driver in the near future? The answer is to be revealed based on choice of all the players...

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