Screenshot of Project Racer
Screenshot of Project Racer
Screenshot of Project Racer
Screenshot of Project Racer
Screenshot of Project Racer
Screenshot of Project Racer
Screenshot of Project Racer
Project Racer

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[Every human racer makes mistakes, but It doesn’t - AlphaRacer B.R.G srl ]

Project: Racer is a realistic racing game on mobile that features a unique online career mode with realistic driving physics where the driver need to work along with the team to pursuit the ultimate goal of racing driver and to race the championship with other real players from all over the world. The game is developed under very close supervision of professionals from real life racing and racing enthusiasts from game industry.

Project:Racer doesn’t compromise the realistic physics to adapt mobile platform, you will have to brake early and make the corner without an unrealistically fast speed, and you will find the grass being bumpy and slippery like an ice-patch in some cases. If you go off the track, even if it’s still on tarmac, the grip level would drop drastically because the track surface off the racing line could be very dirty.

After signing up with a manufacture team, the new racing season starts from the freezing winter test. With the assist from team engineers, you will set up the car from the basic configurations like seat positions and gear ratio, to some advance adjustments like wheel alignment, tire pressure, or even the throttle response.

The tension builds up as the season progresses. Every team is upgrading their chassis and engine. You are the only one who will be on track to give direct feedback for the engineers to improve the chassis and engine. Every minute on the track, every second in the corner and every championship point separates winning and losing.

4 Engine suppliers and 10 manufacture teams spread the battle from the race track to the factory, but a small team is still possible to beat an international manufacture.
As the weather and the grip level are dynamic in Project:Racer, experiences will be the key to make a racing car faster, team budget will not be the only factor.

In the parallel universe of Project:Racer, an ambitious project was introduced and promoted by BRG srl - a global Motorsport company owned by Jam Bristol. Will the Racing Robot “AlphaRacer” finally replace human drivers in the near future? The answer will be revealed based on choice of all the online racers...

When your eyes are hidden behind the silver visor, the world outside is muted and you are the one racing against time.

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Арсений Доманчук
10 Views 03/25/2024
so good game
Shane Justtest
4 Views 03/25/2024
Unbelievable graphics just need to work on optimization and flexible controls like editing the position for buttons bring final version waiting to play this more
Project Racer - Realistic Racing Simulator (Android,IOS)
260 Views 03/24/2024
131 Views 03/23/2024
Wow. The game looks very good (ignoring the surrounding objects in the track). Plus, it runs buttery smooth. Controls are fluid, however UI need some works. In the gameplay, I think signs or signal should be a bit noticeable (I always miss left and right turn). Overall, can't wait for the game's initial release.
ricardo dreo
73 Views 03/23/2024
3 Views 03/25/2024
It is very good except the control does not detect screen touch.if support by controller or is more better suit not so sure with control for drive or does not grip the corners well with touchscreen.promote for pc or controller setting.yeah potential.
5 Views 03/29/2024
JIf in the future we can add the Nurburgring circuit...I will be very happy 😆😀
Piyush Alagh
90 Views 03/23/2024
The steering mechanics need optimisation. Graphics are superb and I barely faced any glitches. The game has lots of work to do and needs to add content. These test drives just shows this game does have potential to stand amongst Real Racing 3 and Grid Autosport.
Project Racer Gameplay
47 Views 03/24/2024
135 Views 03/24/2024
Played it, it's so smooth even in high graphics, I didn't encountered any frame drops at all, but if I play assoluto racing in my phone at lowest graphics, it's not that smooth, compared to this even if it's still in beta. I really would wanna play this all day long but for it's still a beta and doesn't have any cars, costumizable tracks and cars, I would play it but not too much. I know this is just a game with small developers creating it, but please don't give up in your project, I am willing to play it everyday once it gets to the point that it has tons of cars to choose and to customize, and a lots of tracks to customize as well. That's all, Very very very perfect sim racing for mobile. PLEASE ADD NURBURGRING NEXT, PLEASE.
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