Screenshot of Eggy Go
Screenshot of Eggy Go
Screenshot of Eggy Go
Screenshot of Eggy Go
Screenshot of Eggy Go
Screenshot of Eggy Go
Screenshot of Eggy Go
Eggy Go

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Welcome to the super party game——eggy go! Let's follow the eggy waffle to spin, jump, roll,accelerate and break through all kinds of fantastic levels! Jump and Roll, Let’s have a Party!

【Game Features】
Wow! Welcome to the fantasy journey of Trendy Kingdom!
On Eggy Island, every eggy is working hard to become a trendy toy! Make a breakthrough and compete with other eggys. Who can reach the finish line first and stands out at the party?

POW! Feeling the exciting physical hit!
Watch out! collision effect based on the hyper-real physics engine, beware of every hit - it will really be bounced off! However, if you enjoy the fun of amusing chewy collisions, then join us right now.

BOOM!Be Careful with the random props
Never forget to use all kinds of props: bombs, freeze, electric shocks, and even fart...Use these props to trick or treat! The party is to do whatever you want and release your happiness!

ROLLING! Cleverly avoid the inside trap
Lifting doors, rotating fans, flipping the floor... In front of massive random map traps, can you avoid all of them? It doesn't matter if you accidentally fall, you can do it again, let's conquer these traps!

CREATING! Use Workshop to build your special map
Not enough to play? Then come to Eggy Workshop and create exclusive levels, let your ideas turn the whole scene! You can also challenge the personalized maps designed by others to see who can defeat you!

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