Screenshot of Tales of The Neon Sea
Screenshot of Tales of The Neon Sea
Screenshot of Tales of The Neon Sea
Screenshot of Tales of The Neon Sea
Screenshot of Tales of The Neon Sea
Tales of The Neon Sea

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The vast sky city overhead obscures the sun, and the city's neon lights never go out. With the booming of science and technology in the distant future, self-conscious robots and humans live together on this land.

In this cyber city where punk and magnificence coexist, noises and tranquility chorus, our protagonist Rex runs a private detective agency. A former member of the police, he now makes a living on carrying out various commissions.

However, the god of fate has already rolled the dice secretly. An unusual murder case broke the peace of his life, leading to the sign of robot rebellion.

With the semi-mechanical god manipulating the fate, and the rebels lurking in the dark, through the chaotic slums and the perilous underworld, Detective Rex is going to find the clues and finish his long-cherished wish...

The perfect combination of retro pixels and cyberpunk
Diversified Puzzle Elements
Double Protagonists: Play as Cat Detective
Various Achievements and Collectables
The Profound World View and immersive Gaming Experience

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5 Views 05/17/2024
Im still waiting for (tales of the neon sea 2)It's been two years and I'm still waiting
I like this game alot. Below is my review on the game: 👍 Pros: puzzles quite entertaining. Based on the storyline and produce certain puzzles for the player to do. 👎 Cons: The storyline is a bit short and can be finished within a day. 🎨 Graphics: It is pixel type game with 2D display. Showing good graphic feature using unity creation game. I will like to see more DLC for this game. Or this is not come Tales of Neon Seas coz it is like one criminal with couples of cases to link up to the Main Criminal to be capture.
26 Views 2d
4 Views 05/13/2024
Fun to play and really enjoyed. 🎬 Presentation: if you are into storymode games give it a try
my type of games.
68 Views 03/19/2024
if you have to recommend more please add it on comment section below.
Ben Hel
5 Views 04/30/2024
One of the Best games i have played 10/10
WM Tube
WM Tube
TapTap Creator
Top 15 Offline Pixel Art Games Android / iOS | Indie Pixel Art Game
21K Views 09/02/2023
27 Views 01/30/2024
Love this game, the puzzle is hardest to solve i like it.
Ali yasser
643 Views 11/21/2023
Best story game I ever played
11 Views 05/06/2024
i used to play it now i tried to play it again but it says its not available on app store???
Dive into a Cyberpunk Noir Adventure with Tales of Neon Sea
2.2K Views 02/04/2024
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