Screenshot of Wizard of Legend Mobile
Screenshot of Wizard of Legend Mobile
Screenshot of Wizard of Legend Mobile
Screenshot of Wizard of Legend Mobile
Screenshot of Wizard of Legend Mobile
Wizard of Legend Mobile

Wizard of Legend Mobile

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Provider Humble Games
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Humble Games just announced a mobile port of the indie roguelike Wizard of Legend. Wizard of Legend developed by Contingent99 debuted on PC and consoles back in 2018. It has you playing as a wizard trying to complete a 10 floor dungeon with fluid combat and great animation.

The mobile version will have LAN multiplayer to play together, a new UI, controls for touchscreens, and more. Hopefully this mobile port arrives with the features players expect like cloud save support, controller support, and more.

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hs q159
8 Views 06/03/2024
👍 Pros: very good
152 Views 03/02/2024
📖 Storyline: The best of all time 🎮 Gameplay: The best of all time 🕹️ Controls: The best thing 🎨 Graphics: Pixel art nice and clean 👎 Cons: Hard and challenging 👍 Pros: Everything good just play it
77 Views 02/13/2024
LOoks fun, but it really is a boring micro managing game, the player effects and characters sprites and particles is way smaller than the enemy attacks, its ugly and could have been way cooler, another problem thete is no light and dark abilities, atleast no kamehameha ones too, barely can make anything cool in this game. Its wayyy to simple, its looks like someone tried to make a tv animation show in a game and thats all it is,  only has the basic elements, the platforming and movement is crap in this game, as you saw in the trailer, the dev doesnt know how to make movement, it seems like there isnt anything else good except the bigger details. The small details are ugly and you kinda have to ignore all the ugly stuff to enjoy the game, which is infact a waste of time.
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FULLSCALE PC Roguelike in Your Phone - Wizard of Legend Mobile // QUICK REVIEW
7.3K Views 10/27/2023
Watch out! This is one of those games that you should look out for!
7K Views 10/19/2023
556 Views 10/28/2023
SAd is not compatible of my device I hate my potato phone can't play the new ones task!
225 Views 12/09/2023
🎮 Gameplay: is good think
170 Views 12/23/2023
It's like Soul Knight meets Binding of Isaac for me. I want this! In fact, I NEED THIS!
R8 Gaming (HyRool)
R8 Gaming (HyRool)
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Another MAGICAL Rogue-Like from PC to Mobile! Wizard of Legend Mobile Review!
8.5K Views 10/27/2023
887 Views 10/27/2023
this game isn't release yet? its already oct 27!
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