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UAmobile is a survival shooter mobile game. In this game, players will take control of a virtual soldier in a large, open map scene that can carry different weapons to counter the obstruction of enemies played by artificial intelligence. Players can collect materials, survive and cooperate, and complete challenge tasks in the map scene in the form of individual or team cooperation.


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533 Views 06/27/2023
407 Views 04/19/2023
I’ve always wanted this game on iOS but I can’t get because it’s not on global launch just yet but I’m here to ask if anyone would want to help me with WeChat or QQ registration
soumya's fire
543 Views 04/30/2023
Want to play
Johnn¥cz3 ✅️
✅️ Arena Breakout - Open Beta
18K Views 11/24/2022
Arena Breakout Best Pistol In the Game F57
1.1K Views 10/29/2022
Timotius Noya
'Arena Breakout' impression
509 Views 03/21/2023
Malou Domingo
1 View 01/01/2023
So far so
SgtKickAzzTTv TWITCH 📺
OmFG this game is seriously one of the best MOBILE GAMES TOO COME OUT THIS YEAR I REALLY REALLY HOPE BsG buysout the company and just make a Escape From Tarkov Obviously for pHardcore PC players, Then Escape From Tarkov Mobile for when your on the go and wanna kill time the money that could be tapped in this market is unbelievabl,, & that's even without doing shady ass  intrusive practices like Blizzard when speaking on behalf of Diablo You Have Too BE Immortal too max your character game haha. Nevertheless I looooove what you guys are doing here I am soooooooo impressed there are some popping issues on graphics are short too long ranges which makes it VERY HARD TOO SPOT enemy's & scav bosses also, that's even with me being on the NOTE 20 ultra 5G phone with 12gbsof ddr5 cell phone ram ssd type storage and also it's 5g so definitelyfast speeds also 120fps screen so yea idk why I would have those issues unless it was something on client side. I am sooooo intriguedcannot wait for the future if you guys aren't on the Arena Breakout Mobile Official page over on Facebook, & Twitter go add & follow Arena Breakout Mobile, especiallyif your a huge fan of Escape From Tarkov like myself. Also big, BIIIIG SHOUT OUT TOO THE DEVS that made this game & also the Devs that created the cinematicb Got big ass people like Big Fry talking about it, & don't get me wrong this guy looooves the genre of it but NOOOOOT the fact it's a mobile game. Haha I don't blame him PERSONALLY I AM A FLIPPING GAMER that means where ever no matter what I gotta be gaming some-how, even if it ends up meaning I have too turn my phone into a gaming masterpiece of fun on the go so be it especially when this gamer that has a 5,000 dollar PC setup (not flexing, just saying I am a core PC Gamer!) But like I said when I am forced too taking the train too get too my work EVERY DAY 2 & A HALF HOUR RIDE because the parking is sooo bad at work. Portland Oregon.
1.7K Views 07/15/2022
Rashmi Ranjan Sahu
534 Views 01/15/2023
Want to try 120fps
ShivaSooriya YT
876 Views 11/03/2022
That's everything for now. Start a new game?