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Project DX

Durango-inspired game
Provider NAT Games
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The developer of 'HIT', 'Overhit' and 'V4' and 'Blue Archive', the developer of CEO Park Yong-hyun, NatGames, is developing 'Durango' IP-based MMORPG project DX.

According to the NatGames recruitment page, Project DX is an MMORPG produced using the IP of ‘Wild Lands: Durango’. The MMORPG 'Durango', developed at Nexon's What Studio under the leadership of Director Eun-seok Lee, announced the end of service on October 16, 2019, about two years after its release on January 25, 2018.

The development of the new title project DX, which is produced using Durango IP, is handled by NatGames's internal DX studio. It is explained that DX Studio is staffed by people who have experienced a series of processes from hit, overhit, and V4 development to game development and live service.

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Maychel Schacht Ribeiro
216 Views 2022/9/13
I ask the developers to continue the project, because this game is the most played game in BRAZIL and put translation into Portuguese, the largest community of this game are Brazilians, this game has a lot of potential if it is released in Brazil. All Brazilians are anxious.
179 Views 2022/8/14
Ganesh Pawar
466 Views 2022/8/4
Almost every mmorpg nd rpg copy of eachother, there r lot of games similar to pubg, u get every games alternative, bt why no one is making alternative for Durango?? Why there is no copy of Durango??😞
Dan Dan1els
I'l be back @Durango
453 Views 2022/7/26
I wish they will take early versions as the main, cause late "noobs-friends" ghost worlds versions nobody liked. Gimme back that hardcore, no balance,  no tips and server freeze version! Almost a year passed since announce...
Need an update Nexon
385 Views 2022/7/7
Nexon it’s been almost a year since we’ve heard anything, all your fans would love if you can give us an update about this game project dx/ Durango wild lands 2, We’re all eargerly waiting for it’s release. The last thing you guys said was that it would be released fall 2022 then you’ve been quiet since.
458 Views 2022/7/20
I loved the Durango Wildland game. I played it on Android. When they took it down I was crushed. I did have very few issues with the game though, especially one, in particular, It went dark and glitches I hardly could see what I was doing and hardly was able to do anything on it. I could get off and get back on the game for maybe an hour or two before it did it again, other than that issue I thought it was the best game I had ever played on Android. I love exploring, action, adventure, and dinosaurs, it was like the game was made just for me and people with the same likes and interests. I hope when they come out with this next game they would add the English translation just like the last game.  😍🤗👔
How long will he come?
340 Views 2022/7/13
zkael !
225 Views 2022/6/22
Man, I remember playing this game back in like late 2017-2018 and when I found out the news that the game had been shut down it broke my heart, the game was really enjoyable, amazing world building, cool class selections, was very f2p friendly, it had dinosaurs! You could also ride the dinosaurs and the creatures in the game were limitless! Most games wouldn’t allow players to ride dinosaurs or at the very least have like a few selection of them that were tamable or rideable but Durango just took it to a whole other level! The creativeness, the grinding, the boosts everything was just so amazing and I feel like this game was way ahead of its time and I’m glad they’re making another game I really hope it’s on par with Durango wild lands or even better and I’m amazed to see that this many people also would agree with me! I’m so excited and hope this game comes out really soon
258 Views 2022/7/9
when it was a cool game when it was not removed in 2019 it was cool to play with friends and look for each other it’s not clear where :) I hope the game will soon be released not only on PC but also on phones 
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
According to the South Korean developer Nat Games' recruitment information, the studio is developing a new MMORPG based on the Durango IP. Currently named Project DX, the MMORPG is expected to release on mobile. Please stay tuned for more information.
4K Views 2021/8/3
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