Screenshot of Fairy Sphere
Screenshot of Fairy Sphere
Screenshot of Fairy Sphere
Screenshot of Fairy Sphere
Screenshot of Fairy Sphere
Screenshot of Fairy Sphere
Screenshot of Fairy Sphere
Fairy Sphere

Fairy Sphere JP

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"Fairy Sphere" Living with a fairy in the palm of your hand-a healing game where you can collect, grow and relax
Many pretty fairies appear in this mysterious world. If you collect and raise fairies, you can enjoy a wonderful life with them. In addition, in the Fairy Sphere, you can arrange your favorite interiors and experience your own healing world.

- Fantastic fairy world

Fairies are small beings born from all natural things such as animals and plants, gems and minerals. Not only the motif of appearance, but also the nature and characteristics of each are considered in detail, and it is characterized by a fantastic and beautiful view of the world.

- Game system

Growth from childhood to adulthood
Fairies evolve from childhood to adulthood. Not only the appearance but also the voice and the way of speaking change, and you can strongly feel the growth of the fairies who have been lovingly raised.

The story of fairies that changes with your choice
As the fairies grow up, the "time of big choice" will come. The fate of the fairies changes depending on the player's decision. The fairies will grow under different players and will all have different endings under different choices. Please enjoy the story with "Your own fairy" in the true sense.

Fairy's Home-Fairy Sphere

Fairy Sphere, a healing place for fairies, has more than 1000 kinds of ornaments and furniture. In addition, you can enjoy the interior of the player's taste, from changing the pattern of the entire sphere to small parts such as table decorations.

Fairies that exist realistically in the palm of your hand

With 3D animation that is particular about details, you can feel the fairy who is the biggest attraction of this work realistically. Various reactions to furniture, playing the piano, lunch at the table, taking a nap on the seesaw, playing with stuffed animals, etc ... Let's observe the daily life of the fairies.

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4 Views 03/12/2024
I'm knew here can anyone tell me how to download this game plz ;)
fruit salad
1.3K Views 12/02/2021
Relaxing game with a lot to do, but not super grindy compared to other similar games. All the furniture and fairies are cute regardless of rarity and the gameplay is simple with an easy to follow tutorial. There's also a subreddit for English-speaking players if you need help:
981 Views 11/26/2021
This isn't a game I play often, so I can only go by my first impression. I think the game is cute and sweet. Most of the items can be viewed in 3D, so it's recommended for players who like dress-up or cute & healing. Characters are so sweet like we are bringing up our children. You can also personalize your sphere, collect various furniture and decorations, and then watch the cute characters moving around the cute sphere, which is one of the highlights of this game.
770 Views 11/26/2021
A very cute and healing simulation game. You will have a lot of cute little fairy, all the way to grow up with them. The gameplay is similar to Shining Nikki, and the score you get when adventuring depends mainly on your house decoration match. The details of the furniture are well done, and you can enhance the number of homes. There are many sets of furniture with different styles. Very suitable for players who like to collect and DIY.
fruit salad
Beginner Tips
636 Views 12/04/2021
• You can save your Star Crystals for future banners, but new players should pull on the gacha. There's a lot of easy-to-get decor from the General Store and Design Studio, but rare decor and fairies from the gacha are helpful especially for other game modes where you need more items or higher scores. • Focus on building only a few fairies. The tutorial missions require you to have 4 fairies at level 40 and 2 evolved fairies. It's also easier to obtain the materials needed to evolve 2/3* fairies compared to 4* ones.
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