Screenshot of Idle Bear Island
Screenshot of Idle Bear Island
Screenshot of Idle Bear Island
Screenshot of Idle Bear Island
Screenshot of Idle Bear Island
Screenshot of Idle Bear Island
Screenshot of Idle Bear Island
Screenshot of Idle Bear Island
Idle Bear Island

Idle Bear Island

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In the early time, bears lived freely on arctic islands. They build their homes by fishing, planting flowers and trees. Kind-hearted them made the island famous by developing hot springs for tourists to visit.
However, a sudden disaster destroys the island, and many bears drift to the surrounding deserted island. The game starts from a bear building a deserted island and rescue the other friends left behind.
As a polar Commander, your mission is to build an ideal habitat for the polar bears. You will meet all kinds of dressed up penguins , tourists with different personalities in the game. The truth behind the disaster will be revealed through the collection of maps and dialogue in the game...

Hire managers to engage in polar work, invite visitors to make more earnings, upgrade the facilities to increase income and explore unknown areas to unlock the ultimate mysteries of the Arctic Ocean.
Customize your own Arctic Ocean and feel the unique building fun in this game! Raise the bears and create a fantastic heaven for the animals!

- EXPERIENCE simple and casual gameplay
- EXPLORE the island with fun and build fishing plot, barbecue grill and several other unique working spaces
- INVEST WISELY with smart decisions on when to build, upgrade or earn idle profits
- AUTOMATE your island and earn continuously while you’re away to get rich
- COLLECT hundreds of polar bears and Arctic animals
- TRIGGER random storyline in the game to unlock special systems, such as elk carts
- DIY your own cabin with delicate interior furniture and invite friends to your home
- ENJOY the cute and healing graphics
- PLAY ANYWHERE! - Free to play online or offline, no connection required.

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New feature - Bear's Hut Coming Out!
19 Views 04/12/2022
A lovely and peaceful game suitable for girlllss! I played it on GP before, and find it on TAPTAP again. The healing graphics and bgm impressed me so much. Watching the little bears working on the island brings me back to my childhood. Cute penguins entertaining on the island looks like a group of noisy boys and they are indeed lovely. In total, this game is easy to kill leisure time. Great! Hope for the next update and keep improving!
69 Views 04/14/2022
Hardcore Gamer
14 Views 11/30/2021
I played Idle Bear Island since I needed an idle game to do during a busy November rush. And I had fun playing this while on break, as I found it to be relaxing and easy to do. The game is well... an idle game, so you can just leave it alone and you gain resources as you do what you usually need to do in your busy schedule. It is simple enough to understand, as you play a polar bear and run an island, recruit more bears to help you out, and use the resources you gather to buy more land. It's kinda like Farmville, but with bears... well... sort of.
CONGRATS! Idle Bear Island has been recommended to google play store!
1.8K Views 04/18/2022
Which event would you like to join in?
44 Views 04/15/2022
Island Party: Which event would you like to join in on the Bear Island Spring Garden Party?
3 Views 02/28/2022
Cherry takes you on a quick tour of bear's home
334 Views 04/14/2022
Idle Bear Island | Android Beta Test Coming September 24
64 Views 09/09/2021
2 Views 09/01/2021
Finally released. I've been looking forward to it for a long time. Idle Bear Island is an idle game like his name. The gameplay doesn't require much thought. Collect coins buy new lands, then recruit teddy bears. In terms of playing method, it's pretty casual. If you don't like this type of game, it may be monotonous for you. Of course, this is a blessing for players who don't have time to play games. Especially for the pitiful working man(When can we working men stand up😠). So it can be used to pass the spare time between daily work and the time on transportation.
0 Views 09/09/2021
Very interesting game about polor bear island, excited to have a try. Wait for your open test.
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