Screenshot of Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor
Screenshot of Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor
Screenshot of Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor
Screenshot of Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor
Screenshot of Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor
Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor

Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor

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Join the next level of the 3D Among Us game - Super Sus: Who is the Impostor! The addictive free mobile game to socialize with local friends and those from worldwide offers you the unique experience of being Spacecrews, who struggle to prevent the spaceship from crashing while for impostors, killing crew mates is all they want.

Super Sus is originally designed to be the popular online multiplayer role-based game that integrates Among Us, Werewolf, and Squid Game. While playing, crew mates not only need to beware of impostors but also neutrals. These roles have their unique winning conditions and tasks. Walking on the edge between light and dark, everyone fights for themselves - some to kill, some to survive, some just to play around.

Actions in Super Sus take place on a spaceship, where all players are divided into 3 groups - we call them fractions. Using strategy, players need to make the correct inference to tell others from different groups. With the revamped 3D model, we are confident to bring you to the next level of gameplay.

In Super Sus, you can match up with friends worldwide. Play the classic mode or challenge more players in Ranked! Chat with other players in real-time voice chat! Survive or not, you will make friends from your local area, or from anywhere in the world! Prevent impostors from killing Spacecrews. You can also share amazing ideas in the workshop, where designing your own maps and roles is allowed!

Come team up with friends from worldwide, to join their parties! Share the fun by creating new worlds in the workshop! With built-in voice chat, spare the time downloading Amongchat and Among Us at the same time!

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5 Views 02/17/2024
gameplay is good all that but the story is quite weird👍 Pros:  good gameplay good graphics n music 👎 Cons:  not on app store or googleplay , too many roles to pick  bad story
Sorry, I can't open the download to Supersus with iPhone 11. How do I do it?
63 Views 01/20/2024
546 Views 10/09/2023
TapTap is a life savior i wouldn't see the game if it's not it cause it's not available in my country 🥲
25 Views 01/04/2024
i want to play this game cause it looks fun
Thank you for giving me 10 sheriff rolls in a row EEPIC gameplay
29 Views 01/11/2024
Osner Theogene
66 Views 12/28/2023
I wanted because my friend say is a fun game and you can play online and I love playing online so i wanted to get the game but I didn't know how so a got this app called tap tap lite or tap tap
when is this game global looks kinda fun also [rainbow six siege mobile game will be out this month on the 31st it’s a whole lot of time until it releases atleast for me im personally a big fucin fan of siege and any Tom Clancy game maybe is the future we will see Tom Clancys rainbow six siege extraction but until the 31st see yall I will be posting a lot of rainbow six siege mobile on my YouTube I will put my YouTube on my bio here soon see yall don’t have a good day hanve a GREAT day]
68 Views 12/06/2023
80 Views 12/23/2023
I was super suspicious impostor at this game but hehe I dont know because um not playing impostor role 👍 Pros: 🎮 Gameplay: 📖 Storyline: 📖 Storyline:
42 Views 12/25/2023
pleasee😭😭, release this game on IOS ASAP😭😭, i wanna play this game again, this game really good and has a unique gameplay, pleaseee developer i begging you😭😭,
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